BREAKING: Trump Fired All Of His East Wing Employees At Once, Here’s The Shocking Reason He Did It

BREAKING: Trump Fired All Of His East Wing Employees At Once, Here’s The Shocking Reason He Did It

Donald Trump said that he’d be “draining the swamp” – and over the past month he’s taken steps to flush it.

Conservatives were rightly outraged by the enormous amount of taxpayer money that Barack Obama spent on vacations during his presidency (by one estimate, totaling $100 million by the time he left office). Now while Trump isn’t going to be taking any vacations as president (and isn’t taking a presidential salary), liberals are concerned about his expenses.

Why? Because the buildings bearing his name require an immense amount of security (which is apparently his fault – not the liberals who would damage his property). According to one estimate, security for Trump Tower cost $25.7 million between election day and inauguration day (far below the estimated $35 million cost initially projected). Ironically, it’s the taxpayers of NYC footing the bill, the overwhelming majority of which voted against him.

Even though it’s not the federal government taking up the tab, Trump is looking to trim the fat on some of the expenses his presidency is requiring the government to incur. As for his latest cost-cutting measure at the White House?

According to Truth Feed:

President Donald Trump is eyeing first lady Melania Trump’s office for some staff cuts, as he makes good on a campaign promise to save taxpayers money.

As his wife continues to live in New York City with son Barron, the president is considering reducing the number of jobs in her office, which had grown to 20 employees, reported McClatchy, citing three sources aware of the proposal, but unable to speak about it on the record.

So far, the first lady has only hired two people to be on her staff – Chief of Staff Lindsay Reynolds, an alumna of the George W. Bush administration and White House Social Secretary Anna Cristina Niceta Lloyd, an events planner who has worked on the last five inaugurals and for both Democratic and Republican secretaries of state.

The national debt declined by $12 billion during Trump’s first month in office, as the President pointed out on Twitter.

Of course, it’s just a result of a random fluctuation since Trump hasn’t had the opportunity to massively revamp the tax code and federal government’s budget yet, but it should be seen as a precursor of what’s to come.

It’s a heck of a lot better than the $200 billion added to the national debt during Obama’s first month in office.

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