BREAKING: Trump Fires High Profile US Attorney—Here’s What He Did!

With a change in administration comes a change in people. Every time a new era of politicians takes office they often let go many employees from the former administration. It is no different here. At the Justice Department, some controversy has arisen over those being asked to leave and those resigning.

One of the lawyers embroiled in this scandal is U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara from the southern district of New York. According to reports, he is refusing to resign upon the request of the new administration.

This comes in light of allegations that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has requested that forty-six different attorneys resign after their appointment by President Obama. The media began reporting on it shortly thereafter.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted the following,

HOLDOVER: Bharara is not submitting his resignation, according to several ppl briefed – WH not responding to what they’ll do next.”

Jake Tapper of CNN reported the same thing. Even Republicans were supporting him. Brian Kolb who is the New York State Assembly Republican leader tweeted out his support to the now fired state attorney.

Of the attorneys from the Obama administration, only forty-six remain and were not fired. These firings happened to all attorneys who survived Senate confirmations. This news wasn’t surprising considering reports of Trump’s meetings with Bharara where he reportedly asked him to stay.

The famous attorney is working on the high-profile investigation into New York City mayor Bill de Blasio who’s being investigated for campaign corruption. Two trial sessions he is watching over are about to begin as those being tried are close allies to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. He’s known for attacking and prosecuting big Wall Street banks.

It is unclear why he was let go after being asked to stay. But he has been vocal about it willing to speak out on social media.

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