AWESOME! Pro-Trump Flash Mob Breaks Out At ‘Hamilton’ Theater In NYC (VIDEO)

Mike Pence traveled all the way to Broadway to watch a handful of fruity guys in funny costumes sing and dance in a play about Hamilton, then get dissed and booed on his way out.

Pence didn’t have to be there. But him being there has put this show on the map way bigger than they could have done themselves. In fact, most people had no clue the play even existed until Mike Pence walked in and got dissed.

I guess their way of getting some free press is to humiliate any celebrity who walks in. Oh wait, he’s just the one who’s about to be partial leader of the free world in January at the inauguration. Not a major celebrity at all.

Then things changed for the worst for that sold out and boycotted play. The following Twitter video, by Jack Posobiec, claims to be from a flash mob that appeared in support of VP elect, Mike Pence, and Donald Trump in protest of that just enough time to arrive and record a #BanHamilton.

Sorry, I can’t ban something that’s sold out. And, sorry, I can’t ban something that I wasn’t going to in the first place. And, once again, I can’t ban something that I didn’t care about to begin with.

Hamilton was already banned for me.

You want to see a good show, then buy tickets the next time Avenue Q strolls around. Now that’s a good time.

It’s quite fitting these days too, because according to liberals, everyone’s a little bit racist anyway.


And now for the breaking information about the rest of this article. After further research, the video listed above turned out to be a video from before the 2016 election was a victory for Donald Trump where he crushed Hillary Clinton’s hopes of being POTUS.

As it turns out, the Trump flash mob did not happen, even though it would’ve been cool and not violent like every leftists protest out there with people crying and fighting.

On the contrary, I partially think this is a good thing this didn’t happen because it wouldn’t be believable anyway. People would think it was all liberals protesting, because that’s all liberals are good at, and most right wing and middle of the pack people don’t protest. If anything, there would be a #BanPence protest from the leftists and liberals and it would probably cause the theatre to burn down faster than Ferguson.

Right wingers don’t protest because we’re always winning at life, and winners don’t cry.

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