Trump Gets Choked Up At Huge Meeting Yesterday For Incredible Reason – Here’s Who Else Was There

For years, we have watched our country being taken over by illegal immigrants flooding over our borders. Just as law enforcement would pick up these nasty vermin and deport them would they sneak back over the border again. These violent illegals have wrecked havoc and chaos all over the country, and liberal politicians have allowed it to happen. American families have lost loved ones due to the violent actions of these illegals, and yet nothing was done to stop it. The American people begged for tougher border security and that Sanctuary cities lose their federal funding, but it all fell on deaf ears.

Then on July 1, 2015, Kate Steinle was murdered in San Francisco a sanctuary city by an illegal immigrant. 45-year-old Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez — was an undocumented immigrant, a repeat felon who has been deported five times to Mexico, according to immigration officials. This particular case made the rallying cry louder for all that have been victimized by violent illegals.

Francisco Sanchez (R) Kate Steinle (L)

During Trump’s campaign, he promised that he would end the illegal immigration crisis and that is a promise he has kept. On Thursday, the House passed two bills that would boost President Trump’s crack down on illegal immigrants with Kate’s Law and the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act.


Yesterday was a huge day for the American people and for President Trump in the passing of two bills that will help end illegal immigration. Though while the American people celebrated this huge victory, President Trump sat down and met with victims of illegal alien crime, and truly was heartbreaking.

President Trump delivered an impassioned statement that brought tears to my eyes and everyone who has heard it. Trump acknowledged that for years the American people and the families that had been victimized by illegal alien crimes have been ignored. Though after years of being brushed aside and told that we were racists and bigots our voices were finally heard. Surrounded by many families that had their world tragically ripped apart by these heinous crimes, Trump spoke and it was powerful.

Watch this incredible video of President Trump meeting with the victim’s families.

Here is part of the transcript of President Trump’s statement:

THE PRESIDENT: Good to have you all. Hello, Chairman. Great man, right here. Might be another one right there. We have some good ones. We had a wonderful meeting on healthcare, yesterday, you probably know about, and so we’re moving along. Hello, Thomas.

Thank you very much for being here to discuss two crucial votes taking place in Congress tomorrow on vital safety and national security legislation.

We’re joined by the Chairman of the House Judiciary, Bob Goodlatte, a friend of mine for a long time. Bob is one of the most skilled legislators in Congress — and you didn’t even tell me to say that, Bob, right — (laughter) — and he’s worked with law enforcement to write a series of critical immigration bills that will close the dangerous loopholes exploited by criminals, gang members, drug dealers, killers, terrorists.

MS-13 is a prime target. They are bad people. And we’ve gotten many of them out already. You know, we’re pretty much at the 50 percent mark. We’re getting them out as fast as we can get them out, and we’re freeing up towns. We’re actually liberating towns, if you can believe that we have to do that in the United States of America. But we’re doing it, and we’re doing it fast.

Also with us today are Congressman Peter King, another friend. Lou Barletta — where’s Lou? Lou, another friend. So you’re running for governor, Lou? Look behind you, Lou. You can make a big announcement — (laughter.) Lou Barletta, an early supporter. Thank you, Lou. And David Young.

Tomorrow, the House will vote on the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act. It’s been in the works for a long time. People have wanted it, Bob, for a long time. But we were able to get this process going, and I hope you’re going to be successful. You’ll be successful, tomorrow, with the vote?


THE PRESIDENT: Good — which will cut federal grant money to cities that shield dangerous criminal aliens from being turned over to federal law enforcement.

The House will also vote on Kate’s Law, named for Kate Steinle, who was killed by an illegal immigrant and who’s been deported five times. This law will enhance criminal penalties for those who repeatedly reenter the country illegally.

Countless innocent Americans, including the loved ones of many families in the room — and many of these families are friends of mine — great friends of mine that I got to know over the campaign trail because they fought so hard for this. And they are with us. They’ve had members of their family killed by illegal immigrants and, really, people with multiple — in some cases, multiple deportations.

I’m especially honored to be here with so many courageous families whom I did get to know so well over the past period of time. You know, here’s one right over here. Jamiel — a great, great man with a great son — great son, great family.

You lost the people that you love because our government refused to enforce our nation’s immigration laws. And that’s even the existing immigration laws, without new laws. That’s existing immigration laws.

For years, the pundits, journalists, politicians in Washington refused to hear your voices, but on Election Day, 2016, your voices were heard all across the entire world. Right? You better believe it. Nobody died in vain, I can tell you.

These stories that these families have told are absolutely devastating and all could have been prevented. The former politicians and Barack Obama all have blood on their hands for allowing this to happen in our country. These vile liberals did nothing to stop the massive influx of criminal illegals flooding into our country, but that is now a thing of the past. The only thing that would make this moment even remotely better would be that these leftist pigs would have to answer for their crimes. These families should not have had to suffer these tremendous losses but they did due to liberal polices to gain more votes.

My heart goes out to these families that have been victimized and I hope that they will now receive some peace of mind.

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