OH CRAP! Trump Gives Obama HUGE ‘Blow Off’ On Inauguration Day, Will Sign These 3 Executive Orders

In Obama’s final week at president, he gave one final “F you” to America by setting 22 GITMO terrorists free, commuting the sentences of 330 violent criminals and terrorists, and shoved through many last-minute regulations. But Trump is socking it to Obama big time on Inauguration Day, in a move that has Obama absolutely furious.

You know that Obama is freaking the hell out right now realizing the Trump Administration will soon be taking a wrecking ball to his legacy. But what’s even more epic, is that Trump isn’t waiting around until Monday to start working, and is planning to sign 3 executive orders on Inauguration Day, proving to America that he isn’t screwing around with his promise to make America great again.

From The Daily Mail:

Donald Trump is preparing to sign executive actions on his first day in the White House on Friday to take the opening steps to crack down on immigration, build a wall on the US-Mexican border and roll back outgoing President Barack Obama’s policies.

Trump arrived in Washington on a military plane with his family a day before he will be sworn in during a ceremony at the US Capitol.

Aides said Trump would not wait to wield one of the most powerful tools of his office, the presidential pen, to sign several executive actions that can be implemented without the input of Congress.

Trump spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters to fully expect activity on Friday, saying that Trump is committed to enacting an agenda of change from day 1.

Following the Inauguration ceremony, Trump immediately goes to work. On Saturday, he will pay the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia a visit, where he’s going to immediately start cleaning house. He harshly criticized the agency and its outgoing chief, likening them to “Nazis” for pushing the fake narrative that the Russians were involved in cyber hacking during the election.

But this is just the beginning of Trump’s plans to “drain the swamp.” He’s already reviewing more than 200 potential executive orders regarding  health care, climate policy, immigration, energy and numerous other issues.

“Signing off on orders puts Trump, who has presided over a sprawling business empire but has never before held public office, in a familiar place similar to the CEO role that made him famous, and will give him some early victories before he has to turn to the lumbering process of getting Congress to pass bills,” Truth Feed reported.

“The strategy has been used by other presidents, including Obama, in their first few weeks in office.”

It’s awesome that Trump is already coming through on his promise to “make America great again” on day 1 in office. You gotta know that Obama is absolutely livid at this point!

H/T [Truthfeed]

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