BREAKING: Trump Just Gave Gowdy And Chaffetz A BIG Order To ‘Take Care Of’ That’s Going Burn Hillary’s Butt

As we all remember during the presidential election, Hillary Clinton couldn’t keep the FBI away from her. She was under investigation by the FBI due to her use of a private email server – and that case got briefly opened a second time prior to the election. Her Clinton Foundation was also the subject of multiple Federal probes, facing numerous accusations of acting as a slush fund for the Clintons.

Trump certainly would’ve indicted Hillary had he been in charge of the FBI – and practically said as much in the second Presidential debate when he said he’d appoint a special prosecutor to investigate her. Hillary replied that she was happy Trump wasn’t in charge of the nation’s laws, to which he immediately retorted “because you’d be in jail.”

Now, he’s just taken the first step towards making that a reality.

As Conservative Daily Post reported:

You are sure to recall that during the presidential election, there was a lot of talk about Hillary Clinton and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. This is a committee that is designed to go after government officials that have broken the law. Notably, Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz reside on this board and are well-known for their vicious work during the Clinton case.

The case? Hillary put the entire nation in jeopardy with her decision to use a private email server, delete thousands and thousands of emails despite being told not to, and involved the State Department in several pay to play schemes through her Clinton Foundation.

In other words, she is someone that should be spending her time in a jail cell. Several people were concerned that her case would be dropped moving into the New Year. However those fears have now vanished.

Jason Chaffetz is the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, and has just announced that President Donald Trump instructed him and the Committee to pursue every available avenue they deem appropriate. Trump has made it clear that putting the safety of the American people at risk like Hillary did is well deserving of punishment.


Hillary Clinton may be out of political life for good, but politics hasn’t lost their interest in her. According to Chaffetz, “Just because there was a political election doesn’t mean it goes away.” He also called the classified emails that surfaced on the server “the largest breach of security in the history of the State Department.”

So it doesn’t sound like she’s going to be getting off quite as easy this time. Never did I think I’d back Hillary Clinton, but I’ll gladly start a Hillary for Prison 2017 campaign…

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