Just In! Trump responds To “Hamilton” incident

Vice President Elect Mike Pence attended the Hamilton play last night and we do not think he had the night he expected to have. When he entered the theater he was booed. Then as the play finished and the cast took the stage cast member Dixon gave a little speech in which he called out Pence for his lack of “multiculturalism.” Now the President Elect is not happy about it and has responded accordingly.

President Elect Trump responded via Twitter about the incident and said,

Watch as Dixon calls Pence out in front of the entire theater.

Many have taken to social media to either support what the cast did or denounce them for what they did. Some are saying that it was entirely disrespectful and that the play was not a time for social activism. Others felt dismay that one could not even go to a theater event without being scolded about what they are doing wrong. Their were some who were sympathetic to the cast saying that Trump and Pence deserved it for what they have done to minorities and their general rhetoric.

Look at some of the responses via Twitter,

This certainly would appear to be the way things are going to be to come. More and more public displays of disrespect. It is almost a self fulfilling prophesy and also simultaneously the biggest possible case of hypocrisy one can see in their life. Liberals argue that conservatives are intolerant to others opinions and that they are in fact the bastions of morality, acceptance and tolerance.

Yet they have someone come into their play who views the world differently than they do who has different opinions and they are intolerant to him. They boo him and they basically run him out of the theater. In the same breath they argue that conservatives like Pence make people such as minorities fear for their life and safety yet they did something that made Pence feel unsafe.

Their is no reasoning with stupid. I can explain it for you but I cannot understand it for you.

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