Trump-Hating Morons Forced To Shut The Hell Up By The LAST Person They Ever Expected To Turn On Them

All the Trump haters out there just got smacked in the mouth by the last person they expected to speak out. That’s right folks, Dr. Alveda King herself dropped a few words of wisdom about the democrats very own Elizabeth Warren.

She’s the niece of Martin Luther King Jr and she’s not very happy with democrats and their nonsense.

She speaks out, in particular to the response of Elizabeth Warren, about the use of pulling the race card or using racist bait and switch tactics to derail republicans.

She’s tired of the nonsense!

King speaking out is in direct relation to this video where Elizabeth Warren is barred from speaking any further by the Senate. She was throwing people under the bus and bringing up old things that were swept under the rug ages ago.

The democrats, in general, just don’t get it.

They spend their whole life fighting against people instead of working with them. They don’t understand compromise. They want 100% of their way or no way. If you’re a democrat/liberal, then you need to share this with your friends. You need to know that you’re not always going to get your way and when you don’t, it’s not OK to fight and protest about it.

Trump was elected 100% because of democrat behavior. We all voted for Trump because we’re sick of the baby-like behavior from democrats. We’re sick of the protests. We’re sick of the intolerance. We’re sick of being called racists and everything else-ists.

Leftists want everyone to be tolerant, but they’re not tolerant of anyone’s different opinions.

Everyone is sick of these maniacs adult crybabies.

At some point, the leftists will one day finally learn that they’ve been doing it wrong all along.

If that’s not obvious by now, then I don’t think it ever will be.

When Alveda King speaks out about your party being a pile of crap, then you know you’re doing it wrong.

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