Trump Just Changed His Mind… Hillary Is Finished

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s feud will never die. While he has backed off claims that he will prosecute her for her crimes that is not going to stop the President Elect from being well… the President Elect. Allegedly, President Elect Trump will ask his ambassadors to probe the Clinton Foundation according to Fox News.

Trump promised he would not dig into her email server investigation. But now he will have his ambassadors do the work for him. Trump will have the ambassadors of specific countries pressure the governments of those countries to commence their very own investigation into their countries relationship with the foundation. In an attempt to dig up more dirt but at the expense of those nations.

This would mean that the American taxpayers would not have to pay a dime for this investigation like they did with the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s email server and Congresses investigation into her actions during the Benghazi terrorist attacks.

This could also mean if things moved forward she would not be permitted to enter certain countries which could lead to extradition overseas and potential court trials. But that is getting way ahead of ourselves. It would definitely inhibit her ability to freely travel wherever she wants to to spread the progressive liberal agenda.

Considering the fact that Congress, the Senate and the White House are now a super majority as Republicans he certainly would not get much push back from his own. And even if he did get push back from Democrats they do not have the power to do anything about it because they do not have the numbers to change anything.

Looks like Donald Trump might get what he wants after all. Hillary Clinton behind bars. But in all fairness he is not the only one. So many Americans will be happy to hear that she will finally pay for the crimes she has committed.

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