Holy Cow! Trump Set To Make History By CRUSHING This Record! Not Even Ronald Reagan Could Do This!

RECORD BREAKING DOW!! We’re watching history in the making as the Dow closes for the 11th day at an all-time high, closing in on records held by former President Ronald Reagan. Reagan closed the DOW an amazing 12 days in a row at all time highs.

Trump could make history folks! He’s always winning.

Technically, if you count weekends, then the DOW has closed for about 16 days at a high. Talk about winning!

Trump’s winning Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW) streak started on February 9th.

Only twice has a President closed out the DOW ten times in a row or more. It was done in 1929 and the Reagan time-frame.

Here’s some fun facts about the DOW.

* Including November 9th through today, there have been 72 trading days. For more than 40% of these days, the DOW has reached all time highs (29 times).

* Since November 9th the DOW reached the 2nd highest close ever 11 times and the DOW reached the 3rd highest close ever another 9 times. More than half of the trading days since Trump won the election have resulted in new highs for the DOW or 2nd highest days ever.  For more than two thirds (49) of the 72 trading days for the DOW since the election the closing mark was at least the highest, 2nd highest or 3rd highest closing day in history!

* This is only the 2nd time since 1937 that the stock market hit two new closing highs in the four trading days after the Presidential inauguration. This occurred in January of 1965, shortly after Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as President and again right after the Trump Inauguration in January of this year.

* Since the Inauguration on January 20th the DOW has risen 5%.  According to Fox Insider, Trump’s first month in office is the DOW’s biggest gain for any President in his first 30 Days since way back in 1909 when Taft was President.

* Also, another record during the Trump Rally is that the stock market moved between 1000 point markers (between 19,000 and 20,000) in only 42 trading days. The only time it moved faster between significant markers was in 1999 when it took 24 days to reach 11,000. This time the market hit 19,000 on November 22nd shortly after Trump won the election, and then the market broke 20,000 on Wednesday January 25th. These new highs occurred only 42 trading days apart.

* As we pointed out on December 21st shortly after Trump was elected, never in its history had the DOW reached the number of closing stock market highs after an election. There were only 8 times in the history of the Dow where the Dow set new closing highs for 17 days or more in a 29 day period. The last time this occurred was nearly 20 years ago in 1998.

Fingers crossed folks! We need President Trump to keep this DOW streak going. I want to see someone close out on record highs for a record 20 times.

When the DOW is up, that’s a sign that our nation is in good hands.

You have to feel good about the DOW because it’s a good indicator to tell us what shape the country is in. To set record highs for 12 days in a row is an amazing feat that is rarely accomplished.

Don’t worry folks, it’s just getting started!

Winning feels GOOD!

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