99% Of America Missed The SECRET Thing Trump Hid In Plain Sight As He Honored Fallen SEAL Ryan Owens

There’s a really good chance you didn’t notice the secret thing Trump hid in plain sight when he honored fallen SEAL Ryan Owens during the joint sessions the other night.

President Trump acknowledged Ryan Owens in a way that not too many people noticed. Owens was up for a promotion and Trump addressed Chief Owens as SENIOR CHIEF OWENS.

The promotion is official once Trump muttered the words from his own Presidential lips.

It was such a subtle gesture, but it means the world to Ryan’s family to see their lost SEAL acknowledged for his hard work and dedication to our wonderful country of America.

Chief Ryan Owens was Killed In Action in Yemen on January 29, 2017. He was a US Navy SEAL on a mission to obtain high-value information. His mission was a success, his sacrifice will save American lives!

During President Trump’s first State of the Union Address, he performed the FIRST EVER POSTUMOUS PROMOTION in front of a Joint Session of Congress. The halls of Congress have NEVER seen a standing ovation that lastest this long. President Trump promoted Chief Ryan Owens to Senior Chief Ryan Owens by simply addressing him by his new rank.

After he PROMOTED Ryan Owens to Senior Chief Ryan Owens, his wife was stunned. Once she realized what she heard, she fought back tears. The military times reported that Ryan Owen would be promoted, but they did not say when he would be promoted.

I really enjoy having a President who respects the people who protect the people. Finally, we’re not taking advantage of all that our military men and women have accomplished.

Obama made it seem like he could care less about the troops, but they’re the first people who fight for others. We need to extend our warm thanks and gratitude a lot further and let it be known that our troops are respected.

When our troops retire as veterans, then we need to take extra good care of them. They deserve it.

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