IT’S OVER: TRUMP And House Demands Complete Program Shutdown, Entire Islamic Trojan Horse Exposed!

It seems that no matter how many terrorist attacks Muslims commit, the Obama administration is never willing to act. But soon, we’ll have a new president. And Donald Trump plans on doing this rather differently. In fact, Trump has joined with the House of Representatives to put an end to Obama’s refugee resettlement program.

Congressman Brian Babin (R-TX) has brought forward a bill to suspend the program. “Our refugee program has basically become a Trojan Horse,” Babin said. “We have to take a step back and reevaluate our asylum policies that are absolutely getting Americans killed for politically correct reasons.” He added that the attack at Ohio State University “comes on the heels of another Somali refugee stabbing in Minnesota” in September.

“The threat is growing. It’s time for us to wake up,” Babin said. “We’ve got to look no further than Western Europe to see the results of what happens when you have… unchecked and completely overwhelming refugee numbers.”

Babin originally introduced a bill to suspend the program in July of 2015, which would force a “common sense pause and suspension of the refugee program to make sure we’re not carelessly letting folks in who intend to do us harm.” “We just want to suspend the program [and] stop the refugees. We know the dangers of it,” Babin said. “It’s incredible how we can be so willfully blind. We have absolutely got to stop this program. And my bill is really the one that will put Congress back in the driver’s seat and re-establish our responsibility and control over the refugee program.”


Now, this can officially begin to move forward, as Trump will soon be president, and Republicans control both houses of Congress. Will this mean an end to the terror in America?

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