TRUMP: I Will Take the Admirals and Generals Any Day Over the POLITICAL HACKS

The first general election presidential debate has taken place. The majority of the media is saying that polls indicate Hillary Clinton won. Specifically noting Donald Trump’s incessant interrupting as a factor in his loss. During the debate he attacked Clinton on her email controversy, her poor track record that spans thirty years and more. He also called upon get military admirals and generals who have endorsed him as a sign of his capability.

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Trump stated that over two hundred different military admirals would be endorsing him. He said that many of them were actually in the audience as he spoke. Furthermore, he mentioned that many more military endorsements are to come.

Donald also mentioned that ICE endorsed him recently too. Which is a new revelation and a broken glass ceiling because they have never endorsed anyone in an election before. Yet, they endorsed him on immigration. Similar to that he spoke of sixteen thousand border patrol agents that endorsed him. Harkening the sense and belief that he is strong on immigration reform. Which is a focal point of his presidential campaign.

The republican nominee took the opportunity to say that he endorsement by many military admirals, generals and border patrol agents signifies that he represents the every man while Hillary Clinton represents the same dysfunctional people and system that got us into the mess we are currently in. Mentioning the numerous endorsements by high profile politicians, Senators, Congressmen and women and former Presidents.

The debate turned nasty at times and social media was ablaze with people commenting on the events of the night. Trump failed to mention the Benghazi, Libya attacks, the whitewater scandal, as well as numerous other issues that are important to the conservative base. Which is why many in the media are saying he was the nights loser.

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