TRUMP IS RIGHT! Illegal Alien ‘Looking For Better Life’ Just Committed DISGUSTING Crime On A Toddler

A young illegal immigrant was one day away from having an immigration trial and becoming a LEGAL immigrant, but he made one bad move that will haunt people for the rest of his life. Instead of becoming a citizen, this 19-year-old pervert will be deported. His crime? Sexually abusing a 3-year-old female relative.

Douglas Hus-Flores is a senior in high school about to be a legal immigrant, but now he’s about to be a deported pervert criminal.

Instead of an immigration hearing, he’ll have a deportation hearing. So close, you almost had it! Good luck on your trip back to your homeland. They won’t be welcoming you very warmly when you get off the plane and tell them you’re back because you hurt your family member’s private parts.

Watch NBC New York’s report.

A 19-year-old man living in Stamford who allegedly abused a 3-year-old relative was arrested just a day before he was scheduled for an immigration hearing, authorities say.

Douglas Hus-Flores, a high school senior who was living with his aunt, allegedly abused the girl Wednesday night, according to court papers. The toddler was crying for her mother, and Flores, hoping to calm her down, gave her yogurt and let her watch cartoons on his phone.

While sitting on the couch, police say the teen sexually abused her.

The investigation began when the toddler was taken to Stamford Hospital after complaining of pain to her mother. The child was bleeding and had unspecified injuries.

The girl’s mother told News 4, “She says ‘Douglas hit me.’ I asked where, and she showed me her private parts.”

Flores has since been detained by immigration and they’ll deal with him from this point out.

I hope the child grows up and gets revenge on him. A sledgehammer to his groin will be a friendly reminder that you don’t abuse children.

There’s only one proper response or question to ask this man: “WTF is wrong with you?”

I suppose he can write us pen pal letters from jail in Guatemala. He can tell us all about his life as a prisoner. Maybe they will leave him bleeding from the crotch like he did to the young girl. They don’t like child abusers in prison. They’ll have their way with him, that’s for sure.

Should we ask Lena Dunham how she feels about this? She knows a thing or two about abusing relatives.

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