Look At The Insane Thing That Just Happened 2 Weeks After Trump Brutally Cracked Down On Illegal Immigrants

The President promised he would make immigration policy a focal point of his administration and he did not lie. The statistics prove that he is already fulfilling his promise. That is not at all surprising. In January alone the illegal immigration along the southwest border has dramatically decreased.

The numbers from the Customs and Border Protections Agency show the large plummet in families and children trying to cross the border. The statistics were released on Monday. It is the lowest it has been since 2012.

On a monthly basis, illegal immigration has dropped 27 percent to only 31,575 people. The inadmissible migrant population fell a whopping 28 percent to 10,899. This is a significantly large decrease.

The CBP said,

Overall total migration remained at elevated levels, primarily due to family units and unaccompanied children from Central America, Haitian nationals migrating from Brazil, and Cuban nationals.”

CBP continues to maintain a strong security posture through background checks of all individuals encountered and ensures that each person is processed in accordance with U.S. immigration laws and DHS policy.”

From December to January the number of Cuban migrants fell from 5,000 to 1,572. Which some attribute to the lifting of the Cuban embargo done by President Obama. But in reality, many can attribute it to the crackdown on illegal immigration taken out by the Trump administration in the mere month he has been in office.

Perhaps people know the Trump administration will not maintain the former Obama era catch and release policies and so they are shying away from trying to penetrate our borders. This very well could be the cause but there is no identifiable way to prove that yet. However, if these ICE raids continue to be as successful as they have been then the illegal immigration percentages will continue to drastically diminish.

That is what is best for all taxpaying American citizens.

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