HOLY CRAP! Look Who Just Showed Up To Help Trump Kick Illegals Back Over The Border!

HOLY SH*T! Look Who Just Showed Up To Help Trump Kick Greedy Illegal Asses Back Over The Border!

President Trump has not stopped keeping his campaign promises since the second he was declared as America’s 45th president, especially within his first two weeks of office. Hitting immigration hard since it’s long overdue, he’s signed a series of executive orders to clean up the country and is doing one hell of a job. However, now he’s just gotten some huge help in kicking greedy illegals back over the border where they belong, and they never saw it coming.

The Austin sheriff stated that their jails would not honor most federal immigration detainers, thus allowing criminals here illegally to live in America and commit more crime. There’s a reason President Trump wants to eliminate sanctuary cities, and it’s to get rid of illegal immigrant criminals who don’t care about our country or laws. Why spend funds on them when they do nothing for us? Now, Texas Governor Greg Abbot just did his state a huge favor in blocking funding to Austin until they eradicate their sanctuary city status and stop letting people break the law.

Governor Abbot shows up to kickstart Trump’s ideas and cuts funding to Austin before Trump can get to it!

This awesome Republican Governor stepped in to cut funding to the city until Austin compliesy with the non-sanctuary city ways and they report illegal immigrant criminals as they’re supposed to.

Once the local authorities report the illegal immigrant criminal, then they’ve done their job and that’s all they have to do.


Fox News reports – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott blocked funding to Austin on Wednesday after its sheriff said the city’s jails would no longer honor most federal immigration detainers.

Abbott’s move begins a crackdown over sanctuary city policies in the state. The Republican governor is also pushing to sign new laws that could go even further than President Donald Trump’s new executive actions against sanctuary policies.

Abbott has also called for the power to remove locally elected officials if they don’t comply.

Abbott announced the legislation in an interview Wednesday with “Fox & Friends,” saying he and fellow Republicans in the Texas legislature are working to ban sanctuary cities and impose financial and criminal penalties on officials who fail to comply.

“We are working on laws that will … ban sanctuary cities [and] remove from office any officer-holder who promotes sanctuary cities,” he said.

What is a sanctuary city? From Wikipedia – “A sanctuary city is a city in the United States or Canada that adopts local policies designed to not prosecute people solely for being an illegal alien in the country in which they are currently living. These practices can be by law (de jure) or they can be by habit (de facto).

In other words, a sanctuary city is BULLSH*T city filled with crime, poor people, a democrat mayor, and liberals. It hides criminals and harvests them in the city. It’s very popular with democrats, who clearly don’t care about the safety of their cities. That’s obvious considering democrats run most of the poor cities in America.

I don’t understand the logic in protecting criminals who are illegal immigrants. If you’re an immigrant here illegally, and you don’t commit crime, then no one really cares. I don’t care. You’re just a person to me. If you’re here illegally and committing crimes, then that means you don’t really care to be here, otherwise you would try harder.

Governor Abbot is a good guy for cutting funding. If you’re a sheriff or mayor who sides with criminals, then you don’t deserve any money for your city.

Stop hiding illegal immigrant criminals and you’ll get your funding back.

Now who do you choose? The majority or the minority? Make your entire city suffer so a handful of degenerate criminals can stay in your town and commit more crime, or cut them loose so your respectful residents have their funding?

I know what I would do.

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