IT’S HAPPENING! Look What Trump Just Did To Make Illegals Suddenly Cancel All Their Food Stamps!

Since for once we have a president who is a real American and gives a damn about the American peon, illegal aliens are actually canceling their food stamps because of fear of deportation.

From Breitbart:

Immigrants are canceling their food stamps over fears they could be deported.

Food banks and hunger advocates around the country from Tuscon to Baltimore have noticed a decline in the number of eligible immigrants applying for food stamps and a rise in the number of immigrants seeking to cancel their food stamps since President Trump’s inauguration two months ago, the Washington Post reported.

Advocates on behalf of these immigrants say that their fear stems from the possibility that Immigration and Customs Enforcement would notice their participation in the food stamp program and deny them U.S. citizenship or deport them.

These immigrants are now going to food pantries and soup kitchens so that they can feed themselves and their families.

“They’re making these decisions based on what they hear in the news or information they’re getting from other people,” Miguelina Diaz, food support connections program manager for Hunger Free America, said. “People started asking questions right after Trump took office.”

Of course, the treasonous Elitist American left wing media never stops trying to mince words and push their Anti-American agenda. After all, what will these elitists do if God forbid they have to pay an American citizen a fair wage to mow their laws or make their beds.

Of course the Washington Post declares in an unverified headline that illegals are going hungry, while of course never asking the question as to why we as American Citizens have the obligation to provide for citizens from foreign nations who decided to break our laws and sovereignty by coming here illegally. Convenient isn’t it?

I would like to point out the fact that in all Latin American nations, if you aren’t a legal resident, or even an actual citizen you’re out of luck and they will make very clear to you that you don’t belong there. A child can’t even go to a private school if they don’t have the correct “papers,” forget getting a goverment job in Mexico if you aren’t a real Mexican citizen and if you need a drivers license but you don’t know Spanish, you will be using public transportation until you learn Spanish. While of course in the US the DMV offers written tests in English, Spanish, Polish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese.

This is the moment most of us Patriot Americans have been waiting for since the 1987 Amnesty. The moment we started treating our illegal aliens in the same manner the rest of the world’s nations do.

Make America America Again!

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