BREAKING: Trump Appoints Head Of Immigration Team… Illegals, Liberals HORRIFIED

WOW! I am so excited to write this story! A number of years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach through Eagle Forum’s Phyllis Schlafly. He was giving a presentation on Immigration Reform at an Eagle Forum conference. Since then, Kobach was the architect of Arizona’s SB 1070. It’s considered by many to be the strictest anti-illegal-immigration law passed in recent history.

As a result for his genius in immigration law, Kobach has been asked to provide consultation to President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team in his expertise. Kobach told Wichita news that, “I’m a member of the immigration policy transition team, and there’s going to be a lot to do there, in part because Mr. Trump and Mr. Obama are diametrical opposites when it comes to immigration policy, so there will be a lot of changes.”

Of course illegals are shaking in their boots while patriots like myself are screaming ‘hallelujah’ who believe in national sovereignty and rule of law. Kobach has proven time and time again that he has no patience for deferred deportations and/or amnesty. Washington Post explains that, “He has helped shepherd dozens of restrictive (illegal) immigration measures at the state and local levels across the country and is known for his affiliation with the Immigration Reform Law Institute.”

Extremely liberal site, Daily Kos, has leftists whining over Kobach’s ‘extremist views’ accusing him of authoring a ‘racist law’. SB 1070, granted police officers the right to question a suspect’s immigration status. How is that racist? I think what country you’re a citizen of has very little to do with race.

Kobach is neither a racist nor an extremist; he is a man of the law. And I will be so proud if Kris Kobach is chosen to continue advising Trump even after the transition period.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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