After Snowflakes Announced Rioting At Trump Inauguration, These Badass Patriots Decided To Greet Them

DC is expecting 30,000 protesters on Inauguration Day. Anarchists, communists and radicals are joining together to try and disrupt President Donald Trump’s inauguration. They are expected to be met by an unprecedented number of police and security in DC. But that’s not all these asshats will face. Bikers for Trump Guardians of Our Republic are planning to have Trump’s back just as they did during the Republican convention. They are rallying 2 million Trump supporters to come to DC to show the next President of the United States their support. While they are there, I would imagine these badass patriots will interact with the Leftists if need be.

The Left is chock full of hypocrites. When Trump said he would wait to see the results of the election and whether to contest them or not, Hillary brayed: “Anyone not willing to accept the results of an election is a danger to democracy.” Now that the shoe is on the other hoof, Obama is egging protesters on. Who’s the danger to democracy now?

From Kevin Jackson:

However, snowflakes, cupcakes and crybabies may find their spirits dampened as patriotic badass bikers are planning their own response.

A group called Bikers for Trump Guardians of Our Republic are planning their presence in DC for January 20th Inauguration Day. Recall that bikers had Donald Trump’s back while he was on the campaign trail and at the Republican National Convention.

Facebook group 2Million Bikers2 DC is rounding up patriots for the event. They state:

“The Pipe Dreamer is at it again. Dc bound. Details are in the works. But we want to be there to welcome President Donald Trump and to stop the libtards from ruining the welcoming event. These libtards need to be shut the hell up. This is not only a biker event but it is a Trump Supporters event. We are many and varied but we unite as one. Christian, Veterans, Bikers, Truckers, Steel workers, Coal worker’s, Preachers, Fast food workers, all Colors on the human race, if you are a working class American and you support Mr President Donald Trump then we would love to see you there. Our main objective is to show our Love for our new President and unite as one in a collective effort in Solidarity Brotherhood and Unity. God Bless America”

The Electoral College worked just the way it was supposed to. Just the way it has worked for presidential candidates on both the Left and the Right in past elections. To now claim it is unfair, is just ridiculous. Leftists simply cannot accept the fact that Donald Trump will be our next President. Too freaking bad.

No matter how Hillary and her goons tried to rig the system, this time they lost. Trump trounced her. The people have chosen their leader and even if thousands of thugs show up in DC, they won’t change a thing. The inauguration will go on just as planned. They will however, have a large welcoming committee that is ready to dance if need be. American patriots roared their choice on Nov. 8th. A bunch of self-entitled, pansy snowflakes won’t stop them from celebrating new leadership. Donald Trump is the next President… suck it up buttercups.


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A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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