Trump Just Made Obama Look Like a Fool When Meeting With Japan, And America Instantly Feels GREAT!

One of the things that President Obama has been criticized for his lack of self awareness.

He himself has admitted he never paid much mind to optics.

But whether he wants to admit it or not optics is an important thing. When President Obama met with the Prime Minister of Japan several years ago he bowed to him. Which he argued was out of cultural respect.

Yet when Donald Trump met with the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzō Abe this past week on Thursday he remained in the upright and standing position.

The Prime Minister said that he had great confidence in President Elect Donald Trump’s ability to lead the country.

People in the past have taken issue with the bowing because it just does not look right for the President of the United States and the leader of the free world to be bowing to someone else.

Look at the reactions on Twitter,

Yes, it is cultural in certain parts of Asia to bow when meeting someone or entering a room. But this is different. This is two world leaders meeting. The optics did not look good for President Obama then or now. But it is certainly a step in the right direction that President Elect Trump shook his hand instead.

It is little things such as these that will collectively give America a little bit more respect over time. For instance, when President Obama went to a baseball game after the Orlando Nightclub shooting… bad optics. When he bowed, bad optics. When he socialized with the Castros… bad optics. We certainly will not have to be dealing with such absurdities while under a Trump administration.

He won’t just be making America great again he will be bringing respect back to America again. Something we have been sorely missing for a while.

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