Trump Jr Drops TRUTH BOMB On Muslims In America That Just Sent Them Into a RAGE—Now Look What’s Happening!

President Trump has continually said that by being relaxed with Muslim refugees and ISIS innocent lives will continue to be harmed. So, when the news came in yesterday, that a terror attack took place in London it was needless to say upsetting. This attack claimed the lives of 5 people and injured 29, and it could have been easily prevented.

Donald Trump Jr. obviously upset that more innocent lives were harmed took to Twitter to air his frustration. Trump Jr. who is very much like his father, is sick and tired of innocent people being killed in terror attacks and called London’s Mulsim mayor out.

According to the article in IndependentSadiq Khan believes the threat of terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city”.  Really? This is normal now?

Of course, instead of liberals being upset that the mayor of London said this they rather attack Trump Jr. for pointing it out. How is that for insanity?

Yeah, that just happened. This just proves that they rather focus their hatred elsewhere than on the tragedy itself. If the mayor of London truly cared about the people who would have stronger vetting process on refugees. Instead, he is allowing them to waltz right in and create chaos in his city. Yet, liberals are not upset about that.

It just boggles my mind that people rather be angry over a tweet when someone is upset than at the policy that allowed. The mayor should be apologizing to his people and taking responsibility for allowing this to happen. Terrorist attacks are not a part of life and no one should ever have to get used to them.

I just can only hope that the people get sick and tired of them happening and vote for a change.

H/T [ Celebrity Insider ]

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