Donald Trump Jr. Posts Family Bowling Picture, Libs Immediately Notice One ‘Sickening’ Thing

Now that Donald Trump is Presidency, every possible thing he and his family does will be criticized by crazies on the left – even enjoying a game of bowling, apparently.

Donald Trump Jr. posted a video on Twitter Saturday with his family using the White House bowling alley.“ Family bowling session at The White House. [VanessaTrump] doing pretty well considering she’s in heels,” he tweeted.

As BizPacReview reported:

Of course, no fun is allowed when you have liberal snowflakes crawling out of their safe places by the thousands to protest the Trump presidency.

A scan of social media shows plenty of indignation from the perpetually offended that the Trump family would dare enjoy themselves while liberal women are in the streets marching against self-manufactured repression.

There was also some incessant whining about the floor being damaged — the Trump daughter-in-law took one go at it:


Think the person in the above tweet was concerned that Hillary Clinton once had to return STOLEN White House and State Department property? Yeah, I doubt it.

Here’s some more liberal unrighteous indignation over a family playing bowling.


Who knew liberals were so concerned about attire at a private bowling ally that 99.99999999999999999% of people will never see in person.

It’s also hilarious that some of these liberals who were complete unconcerned about the $20 trillion national debt we racked up under Barack Obama are all of a sudden concerned that the taxpayers may get ripped off repairing potentially tens of dollars in wood damage to a bowling ally floor.

Contrary to popular (and completely false) liberal belief, the Trump family has paid BILLIONS in taxes. I think we can cut them a break on this one.

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