Trump Jr. SILENCES Leftist Media With ONE Simple Act In Arizona

The media wants you to believe that the Trump family is comprised of a bunch of spoiled, selfish brats who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths and have never done anything to help anyone. But what Donald Trump, Jr. just did in Arizona shut that story down.

Trump, Jr. was traveling from a campaign rally to another campaign event in Mesa, Arizona this week when he noticed a Chevrolet Impala break down in front of them. He could have easily just driven around the person and gone about his business. But instead, he stopped to help push her car out of the road, gave her all the water he had in his car, and made sure that help arrived.

Tyler Bower was with Trump, Jr. in the car when it happened, and quickly tweeted out photos of the incident.


You would never see Chelsea Clinton ever do something like this, or Hillary Clinton herself, for that matter. And the media certainly isn’t about to let you know that this is the kind of person Donald Trump, Jr. is, because that would ruin their narrative, wouldn’t it? It doesn’t matter how many good deeds he performs, the media will never report it.

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