Trump Issues Game-Changing Response To BLM Judge’s Ruling On Immigration Ban—Liberals Horrified At What’s Coming!

Liberals are horrified at what’s coming to them and Trump is NOT backing down. After learning about President Trump’s game-changing response to the BLM judge’s ruling on an immigration ban, the liberals must have their tail between their legs as they run for safe spaces to have a cry-in and meltdown.

Trump vows to protect AMERICANS first after a liberally twisted judge tried to block the travel restrictions by Trump. This is the same judge who touted through his scraggly facial hair BLACK LIVES MATTER. Yeah, thanks for reminding us. Actually, all lives matter, but thanks anyway for reminding us you’re a liberal lackey.

Trump is about to double down and hand this judge his own ass via an emergency request filed to STOP the disgraceful madness. I personally think Judge James Robart was going for his 15 minutes of fame. This isn’t the fame you want. Trump is going to tower over this petty little judge and bring back the security to our great nation. Liberals, better get ready for it. You’re about to be a little bit safer than you were yesterday. We’re not your enemy, but your friend, and you don’t even realize it.

Trump’s executive orders protect liberals too. Your life matters, but not if you keep fighting national security.


On Friday, federal Judge James Robart, who was appointed by former President George Bush in 2003, ruled that President Trump’s executive order on immigration was illegal and would be stopped nationwide effective immediately.

the White House and Department of Justice responded by saying that an emergency request is being filed to stop the judge’s nationwide halt of President Trump’s immigration order.

President Trump responded on Twitter like as he usually does.

This is the part where liberals lose their minds, have meltdowns, and become violent during their intolerant and peaceful protests.

Judge James Robart is a disgrace to America. He’s putting the feelings of immigrants ahead of national security. When former President’s Bill Clinton and Obama spoke of the same national security measures with stronger borders and better vetting, then it was OK. Why is it not OK now?

What part of the functional section of liberal brains has left the building? Everyone was all about national security during Bill and Barry’s regime, but now everyone says no? These people make literally no sense.

Can we remind everyone that Trump’s executive order was basically put into place by Obama, but he didn’t care to follow through with it? Trump is following through with Obama’s work. Interesting, I know.

Sadly, again, we have to remind people that Trump’s executive order was not a #MuslimBan, just added security. You have locks on your doors, but you get an alarm system when you hear about someone’s house down the street being broken into. Why? Because you want extra security.

That’s what Trump is bringing to us and no judge is going to overrule our President.

Liberals, start thinking about 9/11, Boston Bombing, etc…you’ll see why Trump wants an extra layer of security.

It’s not a ban, just security measures. It’s happening.


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