Trump Just Announced Rudy Giuliani’s Position In His New Cabinet, Obama Is Pissed!!!

Rudy Giuliani has played a large role in the Donald Trump campaign for President. He is regularly on Fox News and other media outlets speaking on his behalf and discussing the election and his policies. So it would make sense that he is being considered for a position in Trump’s presidential cabinet. Ben Carson certainly was for some time.

It is rumored that the former Mayor of New York is being considered to fill the position of Secretary of State. A Trump insider who was anonymous spoke to the Associate Press and said that no one else was being considered for the job. It was up to Giuliani to either accept or reject the offer and if he rejected they would consider someone else.

It was thought for some time he was being considered for Attorney General however he rebuffed those rumors at a recent Wall Street Journal CEO event where he denied that and said he would not take such a position.

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich told reporter and newscaster Megyn Kelly that he did not have actual information but that if Giuliani wanted to the job that he would get the job. Noting that he believed it would be fabulous to have the former Mayor as Secretary of State.

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Giuliani certainly has no international experience that would make him qualified for such a position. And while September 11th definitely showed that he was capable of being good in a crisis that is not enough to be qualified for Secretary of State. Being a talking head and taking interviews on behalf of a campaign does not a Attorney General or Secretary of State make.

There are plenty of conservative politicians and public servants out there that have decades of experience in the foreign service and in international affairs that would do the job exceptionally better. Ones that would actually have a clue about what they are needed to do. The last thing we need is the conservative version of Hillary Clinton to fail as Secretary of State.

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