Trump Just Delivered MASSIVE Blow To Obama! Look Who They Just ARRESTED! — BAD News For 750K People!

President Trump’s crackdown on immigration has made front line news this week. During a joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau the President stated he promised during his campaign they would kick out violent illegal aliens and now he is following through with that promise. Yet the left continues to try and paint it in a negative way despite the fact there is nothing wrong.

Some of the illegal aliens being arrested were protected under the Obama administration! Talk about a massive slap in the face. Law enforcement authorities have arrested one immigrant from Mexico who was brought here illegally as a child and then eventually given a work permit.

The gentleman is now in custody in Tacoma, Washington on the west coast. Under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, colloquially known as DACA, he was given a temporary work permit. The program protects 750,000 illegal aliens brought here as children. They are known as “dreamers.”

Gateway Pundit reported that just last week 600 illegal aliens were arrested. However, if it is true that a dreamer was arrested this is a far cry from the violent illegal aliens that the President discussed. Dreamers were young adolescents with no control over whether their parents brought them here.

If they failed to file the proper paperwork when they were given a temporary work permit that is another story. That is a situation of one’s own creation. But to break up families of non-violent illegal aliens seems to be morally backward.

Unfortunately, it seems to be a poorly laid out plan. Much like the President’s immigration plan. No matter how right the idea is if it is planned poorly there will be negative consequences. This is why the immigration executive order remains clogged up in the judicial system. Hopefully, these ICE raids don’t end up the way the executive order did.

Editor’s note: Round ’em up & ship ’em out!

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