Trump Just Dropped Massive Surprise On GITMO Terrorists Teaching Them Not To Mess With America

Throughout his presidency, Barack Hussein Obama committed treason against our country by freeing jihadists from GITMO, knowing full well many of them would return to terrorism. But unfortunately for the scumbags in GITMO, there’s a new sheriff in town. And now that Donald Trump is the new president, they’re getting a terrifying taste of reality with a special picture that was just hung at GITMO as a brutal reminder of Trump’s plans to lay waste to their Muslim buddies around the globe.

During Obama’s last week in office, he gave Donald Trump and all of America the royal middle finger, dumping out dozens of dangerous Muslim terrorists back into society as a final parting gift for his Muslim friends. Trump was quick to combat Obama’s terroristic move however, conducting an incredible 31 air strikes on ISIS targets his first day in office. To add further insult to injury to these jihadist morons, GITMO detainees now have a lovely picture of Donald Trump’s face gracing the GITMO facility, that’s no doubt inciting terror into their black little hearts.

Along with his picture being hung at GITMO came President Trump’s reaffirmed promise to not only keep the prison open, but to fill it with more terrorists, a complete 180 of Obama’s treasonous policies.  Shortly after learning that Obama had dumped his final batch of terrorists free, Trump took to Twitter to state that no more prisoners would every be released.

It’s so comforting to know that our country is not being led by a Muslim domestic terrorist any longer. President Trump truly cares about keeping us safe, and his actions just in the first week as president confirms that his promise to “make America great again” was never said in vain, or as an empty promise to just get him elected.

H/T [Conservative Tribune]

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