Trump Just Dropped Shock Announcement About Who Went To White House 22 Times To Meet With Obama

Trump Just Dropped Shock Announcement About Who Went To White House 22 To Meet With Obama

President Trump just so happened to be reviewing the White House visitor logs from when Barack Obama was in office and made a shocking discovery of whose name was repeatedly on it — 22 times, to be exact. The timing is impeccable too since it blows the doors wide open on of the left’s most damning lies.

In an attempt to overthrow the Trump administration, Democrats are insistent that our Commander-in-Chief has ties with Russia, which among other things, helped him win the White House. Not only are these claims completely unfounded, liberals can’t seem to let it go and continue to push more rounds of this fake Russian conspiracy as a sorry excuse for their candidate’s demoralizing loss, and now to try to take down U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. However, their insistence with this propaganda just exploded in their faces with a bombshell Trump just dropped about Barack Obama’s very real ties with Russia.

It’s somehow become a major offense for anyone in politics to meet with a Russian official, since in their minds, to do so must mean that someone is secretly plotting against the U.S. This was part of the recent round of fake news top Democrats are pushing about Sessions, in saying that he allegedly failed to mention that he had two phone conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. While this is a gross stretch of the truth, what has been proven is that this same ambassador visited the White House 22 times during Obama’s administration to meet with the then president or his operatives, Breitbart reported.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Kislyak appeared in the logs as recently as September 2016 when he had a meeting scheduled with one of Obama’s senior advisers, John Holdren, in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. The other visitors listed at the meeting are Marina W. Gross, Alexander Ermolaev, Alexey Lopatin, Vyacheslav Balakirev and Sergey Sarazhinskiy. Though the appointment was scheduled to begin at 12:00 pm, it does not include an end time.”

Perhaps this slanderous attempt against all the top GOP officials and Russia is just to cover-up for their party’s prolific involvement with Vladamir Putin and his people. According to Twitchy, Democrats as a whole have met with Russians more than Republicans, as it was recently uncovered that at least 30 Democrat Senators had conversations with Russian officials. The double standard runs deep once again since we haven’t heard a word about anyone calling for Democrats’ immediate resignation over this.

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