What Trump Just Did For Family of Executed Police Officer Is Something Obama Has NEVER Done!

This action taken by President-elect Donald Trump is further proof that he is the man to lead this country and he’s ready for the job. He made a phone call, and with that phone call he spoke to the son of a Texas detective who was murdered in cold blood on Sunday. The killer who will go unnamed in my article because he’s not worth mention was arrested for shooting Detective Benjamin Marconi.

Detective Marconi was shot in the head while he was writing up a simple traffic ticket. The killer told reporters that he was angry over a child-custody battle and ‘apologized’ to the officer’s family.

So lets break this down. He was upset over a custody battle with his children. So he ruins another family and leaves them in shambles, while at the same time ENSURING he will NEVER see his kids again or be able to spend time with them as their Father.

This is his solution?

These are the idiots that grow up never having to face consequences to their actions. Now as adults, the rage and confusion they had growing up has adult consequences, when they should have been inflicted with the consequences as a child before they became unforgivable as an adult.


Detective Marconi’s son, Dane, in a post to Facebook made it real clear who came through for him and his family in such a dire time of need.

“Just got off the phone with the future president Trump, he sends his condolences to our family.”

We all know that Trump has always been a supporter of our men and women in blue and throughout his run for the Presidency he frequently brought to light the fact that his opponent, Hillary Clinton’s constant contribution to a ‘war on police’

He says no more. Part of making America Great Again, if giving respect and honor where it is deserved.

This fallen hero was a 20-year police veteran. He had almost made it to retirement, after all those years of service, and when he returned to his patrol car to write a ticket, the monster approached on the driver’s side and shot him twice in the head.

WHO DOES THAT and then turns around and says… ‘oh sorry, I was having a bad day’


Here are the words of a monster:

“I lashed out at somebody who didn’t deserve it.”

“I’ve been through several custody battles, and I was upset at the situation I was in,” he said as he was led away by officers.

“I’d still like to see my son,” he added.

No. You don’t need to see your Son sir. You need to see an anger management GOD.

Please send prayers for this family in their time of absolute anguish and loss of their loved one who was selfless in his service to his community to protect and serve.

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