Trump Just Gave Every Member Of Congress A Badass Secret Weapon – Liberals Are Coming UNGLUED

It’s been a bloody past few weeks for Republicans, starting when anti-Trump nutcase James T. Hodgkinson opened fire on congress’ baseball team practice at a Washington suburb field. Since then, a California Republican was stabbed nearly to death, a Georgia Congresswoman received a suspicious package containing a white powder substance at her home, and Republican members of congress have received emails stating that they’ll soon be the next victims. In the wake of all the Democrats’ continued call for “blood and death” in the streets, President Trump along with one badass Republican Senator has just come up with an incredible plan to fight back at these rabid liberals, and you can be sure this scheme has Democrats shaking in their boots.

What’s truly amazing is how utterly vile Democrats truly are. In the wake of Republicans being targeted for assassination, many top Democrats are now ACTIVELY ENCOURAGING this type of behavior to continue. Democratic strategist James Devine was all over social media several days after Hodgkinson went on a killing spree, telling anti-Trumpers to “hunt and kill Republicans,” where his calls for violence were then carried out by anti-Trumpers in California, who ambushed twenty-seven-year-old Trump supporter Antonio “Tony” Foreman after a free speech event. Foreman was stabbed nine times, where he remains in critical condition at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Thankfully, there are Republican leaders out there who aren’t playing around. Rabid liberals’ antics have just caught the eye of not only President Trump, but also Senator Luther Strange, who is now working directly with the National Rifle Association to provide firearms safety and instruction to Members of Congress, their staff, and other Capitol Hill personnel so they’ll have the necessary means to protect themselves should the need arise.

Senator Strange wrote this following letter to the NRA Executive Director Chris Cox, where Cox was more than happy to work with members of Congress to provide firearms training:

As an NRA member and your good friend, I am writing to ask the NRA, as the largest provider of firearms instruction and safety training in the nation, to consider offering a training program to members of Congress, their staff and other personnel that work on Capitol Hill, regardless of political affiliation, so that they have the skills necessary to survive an active-shooter situation and to safely handle a firearm. As was proven this week, proper training can lead to the attacker being neutralized and lives being saved.

Cox’s replied in the affirmative, saying “We wholeheartedly agree and would be happy to work with you to provide such training.” Cox’s letter cited the rationale that so many Americans understand—self-defense is often required by private citizens.

There is no doubt that the heinous attack that occurred in Virginia last week would have been even worse without the heroic actions of the Capitol Police. Unfortunately, however, law enforcement cannot be present everywhere, at all times. This reality has led more Americans than ever to choose lawfully carry a firearm for self-defense.

Strange’s letter also said that he’s pushing for “simpler concealed carry rules at the state level and uniform reciprocity of carry permits between states.”

This August, Strange is running to hold the Senate seat to which he was appointed earlier this year by former Alabama Governor Robert Bentley. At last night’s Oxford, Alabama debate among the Republican candidates opposing Strange in this race—Dr. Randy Brinson, Congressman Mo Brooks, Judge Roy Moore, and Alabama Senator Tripp Pittman—all voiced unequivocal support for the Second Amendment and agreed that simpler conceal carry and reciprocity laws are needed.

Attacks on Republicans could sadly become the new norm in our country, thanks to the divisive rhetoric that Democrats keep spewing, where domestic terrorists like Loretta Lynch, Tim Kaine, and James Devine are directing anti-Trumpers to literally begin assassinating members of the GOP. We must make the commitment that whenever we go, we have our gun with us, as WE THE PEOPLE are the last line of defense to prevent this type of violence from affecting us. Encourage your friends and family members to get their conceal carry permits, and make sure that you get to the range on a regular basis and practice. It’s truly sad that we now have to look over our shoulder in fear that our very own fellow Americans could kill us, simply because they disagree with where we stand on political issues.

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