Trump Just Issued Unprecedented Order To The U.S. Navy That’s Hasn’t Happened Since WWII – This Is A Game Changer

Ove the last several weeks, tensions have been high with North Korea. Kim Jong-Un is playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the world. This tiny dictator has been threatening the world with nuclear war for years. However, under the previous administration, Kim Jong-Un’s antics were left unchecked. Now, President Trump is pushing back against the North Korean madman and his latest move is unprecedented.

Last week, President Trump sent a aircraft carrier group toward the Korean peninsula. Of course, this had everyone talking that this was a clear to Kim Jong-Un. Well, it seems the message was lost on Kim Jong-Un since he paraded his arsenal to the world last weekend.

Trump is not one to back down and according to news reports his latest proves that. It appears that Trump is upping the ante and has sent two more carrier strike groups to the tense region.

CVN-68 Nimitz carrier group

According to the South Korean media outlet, Yonhap News these carriers are indeed heading that way. Here is an excerpt from the roughly translated article.

A US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is expected to enter the eastern seaboard on June 25 to curb large-scale provocations by North Korea.

When he arrives at the eastern sea, Calvin Suh, who is sailing toward the Korean Peninsula, plans to carry out a “military force demonstration” in the form of military pressure on North Korea through intensive US-ROK joint training.

A senior government official said Thursday that the United States is negotiating a joint exercise involving our government and Calvin’s carrier flyers, and that Calvin Johnson will enter the East Coast.

Originally, Calvin Suh was expected to depart from Singapore and arrive in the Korea Theater of Operations (KTO) on April 15-16.

However, Calvin Suh said he did not choose the shortest distance to the Korean peninsula. According to a report by the US Navy on Social Network Services (SNS), Calvin Suhne passed through the Sunda Strait in Indonesia, southwest of Singapore, on the 15th.

USS Carl Vinson has already been deployed to the region.

The media source does say that the location of the three aircraft is unusual. Sources also mentioned that this demonstrates its commitment to deter North Korea from nuclear war.

“We expect it to be completely different from the previous administration.”

However, there is something else that makes this move interesting to note. Besides, regular training operations in the past, this is the first time since World War II that these many carrier strike groups have been deployed to the same area. 

It is obvious that this administration is taking a much different approach than the previous one. The Obama administration regularly played footsies with our enemies, but President Trump is not doing that.

Trump is showing the world that he means business. Kim Jong-Un has not budged and continues to taunt the world with his potential weapons. President Donald Trump and his advisors realize that it is now time to show our strength and readiness.

We cannot allow this madman to continue his reckless ways. None of us want war, and the only way to deter that is to strength. I hope that Kim Jong-Un heeds this warning and backs off quickly.

H/T [ Zero Hedge ]

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