Trump Just Made CATASROPHIC Move Against Nasty Muslim Rapists In America That’s Going To Hurt


Last June, the horrifying story of a 5-year-old little girl from Twin Falls, Idaho being gang raped by Muslim refugees shook the nation. The Muslim pieces of filth not only took turns raping the girl and urinating in her mouth, but then video-ed the attack, later taking the footage back to their father who celebrated the attack and thought it was funny. As Muslim refugees continue to invade the small Idaho town and other places around the nation committing horrifying atrocities, President Trump has finally stepped in to declare that enough is enough.

Lacy Peterson, and her little girl who was gang raped by Muslim refugees

In a breaking report coming from Breitbart, President Trump has just unleashed ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to begin rounding up these degenerate pieces of filth and deporting them straight back to their third-world country crap holes where they belong. An estimated 4,000 Muslims are expected to get the boot, as President Trump fulfills his vow to “drain the swamp” and “make America great again.”


“We learned through immigration sources that the total number of the Somalis that are in the books of [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] to be removed are close to 4,000,” Somalia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Ahmed Isse Awad recently stated. Breitbart has more:

Over the course of the next few months, Awad said some 300 Somalis would be deported, saying he was waiting for information as to who those deportees would be.

The numbers released by the ambassador show a steep departure from the days of lax immigration enforcement under the Bush and Obama Administrations.

Awad said that during Obama’s last two years in office, only 170 Somalis were deported for either committing crimes or having their asylum requests rejected.

The Trump Administration is expected to double that number in a few months.

But cleaning up the Muslim filth from our streets is only half of the plan, as ICE has been cracking down on illegal criminals hiding out in America also. In a recent east coast operation, officials arrested 82 immigrants with criminal records, including several from the infamous MS-13 gang, categorized by the FBI as the “most dangerous street gang in existence.”

Here’s a description of the MS-13 gang from the FBI via Town Hall:

“[MS-13 is known for] perpetuating violence—from assaults to homicides, using firearms, machetes, or blunt objects—to intimidate rival gangs, law enforcement, and the general public. They often target middle and high school students for recruitment. And they form tenuous alliances…and sometimes vicious rivalries…with other criminal groups, depending on their needs at the time.”

Several weeks ago a Maryland teen was gang raped in the bathroom by illegals in her high school bathroom, where it didn’t come out until later that both rapists, 17-year-old old Jose Montano and 18-year-old Henry Sanchez, are both gang members of MS-13.

What’s unfortunate is that both of these child rapes could’ve been easily prevented, had Border Patrol officials had the authority to do their damn jobs, and had these Muslim refugees been adequately screened before being brought into our country.

While justice is being sought in both cases, for these two young victims, their lives will be forever changed. Thank God that we finally have a president who doesn’t give a flying crap about political correctness and is doing everything in his power to make our country great again!

H/T [Breitbart]

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