Trump Just MAJORLY Called Out CNN For What They Did To Him And Forced Them To Make This Statement!

You would have to be living in a complete dream world if you still think that the mainstream media is unbiased. Maybe you grew up in the age of a dependable nightly news, but unfortunately, that has all passed. The old school networks that you remember watching are now a whole lot of sell outs, supporting the liberal agenda and willing to do anything to push you to that side.

We’ve been aware that the brainwashing has been going on, but you may not be aware until now, just how much of it was going on. Many online news networks, such as this one, have begun to question every single well-placed word that comes out of the mouths of the liberal media. Framing the facts in a way that supports your agenda is a bit underhanded, but not exactly prosecutable activity.

Somewhere along the way, someone began to wonder what would happen if we actually questioned some of the major network claims, out loud, chasing down their sources. Turns out, the layers of “journalistic integrity” and “protecting sources” were just another name for finding ways to lie about people in the Trump White House.

Check out what Breitbart News found out about CNN’s supposed groundbreaking story about Trump advisor (and son-in-law) Jared Kushner.

Vie Breitbart News:

“CNN has admitted it printed what President Donald Trump calls ‘very fake news’ and retracted a demonstrably inaccurate hit piece on the President and his allies after a Breitbart News investigation uncovered significant inaccuracies and flaws in CNN’s work.

‘On June 22, 2017, published a story connecting Anthony Scaramucci with investigations into the Russian Direct Investment Fund,’ CNN said in a statement late Friday night. ‘That story did not meet CNN’s editorial standards and has been retracted. Links to the story have been disabled. CNN apologizes to Mr. Scaramucci.’

The statement was sent out very late Friday evening on CNN’s Twitter account.

The retraction is a complete cave by a network that is notorious for trying to pick fights with President Trump and his allies. President Trump has identified CNN as a “very fake news” network. It comes on the heels of Breitbart News reporting on the inaccurate CNN hit piece, citing senior administration officials and sources close to Senate GOP leadership.

The thrust of CNN’s inaccurate piece, which is no longer available online, was a demonstrably untrue allegation that the Senate Intelligence Committee and Treasury Department were probing a Russian investment fund with ties to senior Trump allies like Anthony Scaramucci.

Using a single anonymous source, CNN wrote:

‘The source said the Senate intelligence committee is investigating the Russian fund in connection with its examination of discussions between White House adviser Jared Kushner and the head of a prominent Russian bank. The bank, Vnesheconombank, or VEB, oversees the fund, which has ties to several Trump advisers. Both the bank and the fund have been covered since 2014 by sanctions restricting U.S. business dealings.’

But that was not all that was wrong with the fake news piece from CNN. The CNN report continued:

‘Separately, Steve Mnuchin, now Treasury Secretary, said in a January letter that he would look into the Jan. 16 meeting between the fund’s chief executive and Anthony Scaramucci, a member of the transition team’s executive committee and a fundraiser and adviser for Trump’s presidential campaign. At the time, Mnuchin had not yet been confirmed as Treasury Secretary. The Treasury Department did not respond to a request for an update. Two Democratic senators had asked Treasury to investigate whether Scaramucci promised to lift sanctions — a policy shift that would help the fund attract more international investment to Russia.’

It turns out, as Breitbart News noted in the original investigation, that the two Democrats who pushed for the probe of Scaramucci’s supposed “meeting” with the investment fund executive—which was not really a meeting—were Sens. Ben Cardin (D-MD) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Scaramucci debunked the CNN fake news report in his original quote to the network, detailing how there was no such meeting to begin with.

CNN originally wrote, in the now retracted inaccurate hit piece:

‘Scaramucci, the founder of SkyBridge Capital, minimized his January meeting with [Kirill] Dmitriev in the resort town of Davos, Switzerland, at the celebrated annual gathering of the World Economic Forum. Scaramucci had met Dmitriev at previous Davos meetings, although at the gathering in January, Scaramucci was expecting to be named White House liaison to the business community.’

CNN also wrote that Scaramucci told the network in an email that Dmitriev “came over to say hello in a restaurant, and I was cordial. There is nothing there.”

The idea that the Treasury Department is investigating this is also completely baseless, as Breitbart News reported. “The matter has been reviewed and determined to be without merit,” a senior administration official told Breitbart News.

The inaccurate piece remained online for nearly an entire day, despite Breitbart News’s earlier inquiries to CNN about it. It was not until long after Breitbart News published its exposé on the fake news piece from CNN, hours later, that CNN finally retracted the piece and issued an “Editor’s Note” at 10:44 p.m. ET announcing the grave error. CNN’s Tweet was not until 11:50 p.m. ET.

CNN spokeswoman Emily Kuhn has not answered followup email questions as to whether reporter Thomas Frank, whose name appears on the byline, has faced any consequences for his actions—or whether he is still employed by the network. Kuhn has also not answered whether there have been any consequences that have befallen others involved in the publication of the demonstrably fake news piece, or exactly who at CNN was involved in this grave mistake.”

All of this is horrifying and slanderous and probably would make some people question a lot of what they believe if they were the kind to watch CNN. The disturbing thing is though, this is just one incident that was easily uncovered. If I had to guess, I’d say that CNN’s “editorial standard” that was broken wasn’t one of truth, but one of covering one’s tracks.

This particular issue was traceable, and CNN retracted because someone forced their hand, but what about all the times when someone like Breitbart isn’t looking? What about when they see the chance to influence popular opinion and they don’t expect to get caught? I know that freedom of speech is a precious thing, and we should protect it at all cost, but stories like this make you wonder if legal action should be taken. At some point, the American people need to take a stand. Maybe that should be through legal means, and maybe it should be through boycotting, but something has got to be done about the unrepentant lying.

(Source: Breitbart News)

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