Trump Just Pissed Off Every Muslim In The World With The First Thing He Did In Israel Today

Trump’s visit to the country of Saudi Arabia has been dominating the headlines over the past several days, as his unconventional style while visiting the Muslim-dominated country has pissed off quite a few snowflakes. First, President Trump refused to bow and gravel as he met the Saudi King, unlike our previous president who continually bowed and kissed the asses of these very same people who were responsible for 9/11. Then Melania caused quite a stir after disembarking from Air Force One alongside President Trump on Saturday, noticeably missing the Islamic headscarf, as her outfit directly defied the Saudi Kingdom’s strict dress code that requires all female visitors to be fully covered from head to foot. But President Trump’s biggest middle finger to Muslims around the world came shortly after he left Saudi Arabia and headed straight to Israel, where Muslims across the globe were immediately pissed at the first thing that President Trump did after setting foot in the country.

U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump arrive aboard Air Force One at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia May 20, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Trump’s trip to Israel comes during a time where the city of Jerusalem continues to be fought over between Palestinian Muslims and the Jewish people. Barack Obama was all too eager to just hand over this land over to his Muslim terrorist buddies, as he demanded that Israelis give full control of their holiest sites over to Islamic groups. Then we all remember the disgusting action that Obama took just one day after Christmas last year, where he backed a Security Council resolution that turned over the Old City to Palestinian groups, led by Hamas and Fatah terrorists.

Islam’s b*tch boy bows before the Saudi King

As Israel’s land continues to be up for dispute by a coalition of Muslim terrorists and nasty liberals around the world, President Trump finally put an end to the debate by the single action he took at the West Wall over the weekend, solidifying once and for all where America stands on this issue. Meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu in a solemn act of solidarity, President Trump donned a yarmulke, and prayed at the West Wall along with other Jewish leaders, in a historic move that has never been done by a sitting president in our country’s history. The diplomatic nod not only bolstered Israel’s claims to the holy site, but sent the silent message to Muslims around the world that this area belongs to the Jews, and to keep their grubby hands off of it.

You can be sure that President Trump’s decision to pray at the wall was much more than just a photo-op, as his silent action at Jerusalem’s most holy site sends a clear message to people all over the world just where America stands on this continuing dispute of who rightfully owns this land, which will no doubt be an hot topic among the international community.

This is such a drastic change from what we got used to under Barack Hussein Obama, who did everything he could to stab Israel in the back during his tenure as president. Now America finally has a president who represents the values and sentiments that most Americans have towards Israel, who Christians revere as “God’s chosen people.” You can be sure that liberal snowflakes everywhere are melting over President Trump’s actions at the West Wall, as Muslims world-wide collectively flip their turbans over the news that America once stands with Israel!

Here’s more from our source via The Jerusalem Post:

For Israel, a photograph of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Western Wall with President Donald Trump could be worth more than a thousand words.

One can almost see Netanyahu playing the professorial role he so loves, explaining to Trump about King Herod and the ancient site that bears testimony to the steadfast Jewish roots to the Land of Israel and its holy city of Jerusalem.

It would also be one more Netanyahu mark on Israeli history: he would be the prime minister that accompanied the first sitting US president when he visited the Western Wall.

But this is about more than a glorified selfie or a vanity play.

Trump’s trip comes as the issue of Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem in general and the Old City specifically has been hotly contested by the international community, which prefers to settle the city’s status within the context of a final-status solution with the Palestinians.

The United States government is divided on the issue with congressional legislation, passed in 1995, mandating that the US Embassy be relocated to Jerusalem.

A 1980 UN Security Council resolution called on nations to remove their respective embassies from Jerusalem to protest Israel’s annexation of areas of the city over the pre- 1967 lines. The State Department and the White House have held by this view, with US presidents waiving execution of the legislation twice a year. The next deadline for such a waiver is June 1.

Earlier this month UNESCO’s Executive Board passed a resolution disavowing Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem.

In December, the Security Council, in Resolution 2334, affirmed the illegality of Israeli sovereignty in east Jerusalem, including the Old City and the Western Wall.

The double votes underscore the tenuous nature of Israel’s hold on its capital city, precisely as Israel readies to celebrate 50 years of the city’s reunification in the Six Day War.

An announcement by Trump during his visit that he planned to make good on his preelection promise to relocate the embassy, would have been a statement of legitimacy by the US in support of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Since US officials have explained that this will not happen, the visual images of Trump with Netanyahu at the Western Wall could have subtly indicated that the White House considered the site part of Israel.

Such a diplomatic nod by Israel’s strongest ally would help bolster Israel’s claim to Jerusalem on the international stage.

It’s presumed Trump wouldn’t even take this small step because he wants to avoid angering the Palestinians or the larger Arab world on the subject of Jerusalem, precisely at the moment he is pushing for a peace deal to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Trump, therefore, is likely to stand alone, with Western Wall and Holy Site’s Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz as Israel’s sole representative.

Such a solitary visit waters down the issue to a much more ambiguous statement.

It’s like a coin, Trump can turn from side to side, depending on the diplomatic message that suits him.

To the Israelis, Trump can say, he supports Israeli and Jewish history in Jerusalem, after all he visited the Western Wall.

To the Arab world and to the Palestinians, he can say, he did it alone, without any official governmental representation as a sign that east Jerusalem, could be part of their future state in any final-status agreement.

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