Trump Just Publicly Humiliated Obama In Poland With Blistering Admission He Made To Sea Of People

Trump’s ability to influence European countries when it comes to their decision to take in Muslim immigrants has Obama and liberals in a mass panic. Recently, Poland adopted a Trump-like ban to keep Muslim refugees out, proving the sway that our new president has to affect world leaders’ decisions. On Wednesday night, Trump alarmed liberals even more with the rock star welcome he got in Poland, where an enormous group chanting Trump’s name along with “USA USA USA!” and a sea of American flags could be seen waving throughout the crowd. But unfortunately for Obama, Trump’s party was just getting started. During his speech in Poland he dropped a major bombshell about Obama that has liberal media outlets absolutely losing their minds today.

Ever since Trump got into office, liberals have been shameless in their pursuits to push the non-existent Trump-Russia “collusion” nonsense. With Trump’s second international trip underway, he wanted to make sure that people in Europe truly understand who’s been behind the Russia scandal the whole time, where Trump wasted no time putting Obama on blast before the Polish audience who were all too thrilled to listen to watch Trump destroy Obama’s little ego.

WATCH: reports:

During a recent visit to Poland, President Trump wasted no time slamming former President Barack Hussein Obama for his mishandling of the so-called “Russian meddling” in the 2016 election.

Trump correctly stated that Obama turned the other way, ignoring the threat of “Russian interference,” because he believed Hillary Clinton would win the election.

After all, if the Russian meddling was such a big issue for the American people, why didn’t Obama address it?

The reason is simple.

The “Russians” became significant when it was politically advantageous to the left, both in making an excuse for Hillary’s loss, and in trying to remove President Trump.

Even though Hillary Clinton was a truly horrible candidate, the left never thought America would elect Donald Trump, so all of a sudden the Russia narrative became their focus.

The liberal media was furious following President Trump’s anti-Obama comments, using the only insult in their vocabulary which was to call President Trump a “racist.” Of course they slandered the entire country of Poland as well, blasting the Polish government as a “right-wing” racists who are using their anti-immigration stance as a “aggressive move against democratic institutions.” Here’s one of the best leftist tantrums this morning over Trump’s speech, where they tried to slam Trump as a narcissist who likes to bask in the glory of “public adulation.” L.A. Times whined:

Poland’s right-wing government views the visit as an enormous boost to its prestige, and has worked to ensure that Trump-friendly crowds turn out for a U.S. president known to relish shows of public adulation.

U.S. allies in Western Europe, however, worry that the president’s visit is in effect stamping a seal of approval on the Polish leadership’s aggressive moves against democratic institutions such as the courts and the news media, and that Trump could be seen as offering an implicit endorsement of the government’s populist, stridently anti-immigrant stance, which is reminiscent in some ways of his own.

CNN was also massively butt-hurt over President Trump’s comments about Obama, where White House correspondent Jim Acosta accused President Trump of holding a “fake news conference” to put Obama on blast.

Whiny CNN correspondent Jim Acosta

“A couple of things we want to point out. The president once again said that Barack Obama did nothing from August to November about Russian meddling. That is simply fake news. President Obama talked to Vladimir Putin at a G20 Summit in September about all of this, to say otherwise is fake news. Barack Obama went farther, by the way, in that meeting with Vladimir Putin, then President Trump is promising to do himself. He’s not even promising to bring up election meddling in his bilateral with Vladimir Putin. So, for the president to say that Barack Obama did nothing, he is, at this point, promising to do less than nothing on that front.”

He added, “The other thing that was fake news coming from President Trump was when he said, ‘I keep hearing it’s 17 intelligence agencies that say Russia meddled in the election. I think it’s only three or four.’ Where does that number come from? My suspicion is if we go to the administration and ask for this question, I’m not sure we’re going to get an answer. If we get an answer, it will probably be off-camera.”

President Trump is not only an incredible leader who has the backs of the American people, but has a keen eye for BS and isn’t afraid to call out corruption when he sees it, despite the massive outrage from the snowflakes on the left. But Trump brings up a very important question that the liberal media still refuses to answer: If the Russians “meddling in the election” was such a huge “threat” to Americans, why didn’t Obama address the issue during the election when he knew it was going on?


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