Trump Just Reached Over And Gave Melania Incredible Gift After Landing In D.C From Texas Trip

Just a couple days ago, President Trump and our lovely First Lady Melania toured Texas to survey the damage left behind by Hurricane Harvey. The couple stopped by in Austin and Corpus Christie before Trump stood in front of throngs of citizens urging everyone for unity and togetherness during these troubling times. Trump and Melania wanted to meet with people who were affected and witness the devastation with their own eyes in order to get a clearer picture of what was needed there for a swift recovery. Though the Trump’s did not stay in Texas for long their visit was just what the people of Texas needed to see. The couple will return to the storm battered area in the coming weeks as the flood waters begin to recede so that they can visit the harder hit areas. President Trump and Melania arrived back at the White House on Tuesday night, and after they stepped off Air Force One the camera’s caught Trump’s sweet gesture to Melania.

The left loves to rip a part the Trump family any chance they get. If they are not mocking President Trump and his marriage to Melania they are making fun of their sweet son Barron. Even during a natural disaster, the rabid left has not taken any time off of criticizing the Trump’s. For instance, when Melania was leaving to visit the victims of Hurricane Harvey the mainstream media went into overdrive attacking her for wearing heels to Air Force One. Then the left attacked President Trump for visiting “too soon” and not spending enough time with the victims. However, the Trump’s take the constant attacks with grace and class which they seem to have in abundance. Which is why this sweet gesture that was captured by cameras when the Trump’s were exiting Air Force One with Melania will surely warm your heart.

Melania waits for Trump at the top of the stairs and, as soon as he sees her, Trump grabs her hand and walk down the steps together to wait for Marine One. 

Of course, this small and warm gesture will never be covered by the media since it does fit their nasty narratives. 

The mainstream media loves to paint the Trump’s as heartless people who do not care about anyone, but that is hardly the case as we all know. After this devastating storm, the American people have been able to witness the strength of character of President Trump and the class of Melania in the face of this tragedy.

Here is more from US Herald:

Most of us have come to realize that Melania Trump is indeed a “class act” a beautiful First Lady that makes us proud to be American’s. Moreover watching her and the president leaving the White House Tuesday morning heading to flood ravaged Texas was indeed a moment that Trump supporters felt positive about, until the rabid press become obsessed with the First Ladies feet, or precisely her spiked heels, which actually sent the rabid left into a tale spin on the internet.

News outlets like CNN, MSNBC, NBC, instantly put the tragic events being played out in Texas on the back-burner, to focus on the first ladies attire and suddenly became fashion police, consumed by the First Ladies choice of footwear.

However, Melania Trump was accompanying the president to offer her heartfelt concern for the victims in Houston, with a 7-word promise that she and the president were coming to the Lone-Star state “not through just words, but also action.”

In a Tuesday press release just after the First Lady arrived back at the White House, Melania once again offered her sympathy and support to those thousands of individuals affected by the tragedy.

“The effects of Hurricane Harvey will be felt in Texas, Louisiana, and other parts of the country for many months and years to come, so far, 1.7 million people are under orders to evacuate their homes, and, as the floodwaters in Houston rises, sadly, so will the number of evacuees.”

The left will always make fun of the Trump family since they represent everything that they despise. President Trump, Melania, Barron and the rest of the family all love American and everything that it stands for. The left has been trying for years to destroy the country without any interference thanks to Barack Obama being in the White House. Now, that Obama is out of there they will attack these good people just because they stand in the way of their evil plans. To any logical person, it makes no sense why they would attack Melania’s footwear, Trump’s brash speaking, or his past but because he is a Republican and is reversing the damage that Obama has created he is public enemy number 1.


H/T [ US Truth Wire ]


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