BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Saved the US Air Force!

Are you tired of winning yet? For all those people who doubted the benefit of having a negotiator for president: Donald Trump is now in negotiations with Boeing and Lockheed Martin to SAVE the US Air Force.

Under Bush and Obama, America’s pocketbook for royally screwed when the Air Force paid over $1 Trillion dollars for a handful of F-35 stealth jets. Not under Trump. As The Hill reported:

Donald Trump promised Wednesday that he would cut the costs of the Air Force’s F-35 program, underlining a message that he will seek to reduce government’s costs.

“It’s a program that’s very, very expensive,” the president-elect said to reporters at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

“It’s a dance. It’s a little bit of a dance, but we’re gonna get the cost down, and we’re gonna get it down beautifully.”

He added: “I think were looking to cut a tremendous amount of money.”Trump met with Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson Wednesday afternoon.

In a statement to Time, Hewson called the meeting “productive.”

“I appreciated the opportunity to discuss the importance of the F-35 program and the progress we’ve made in bringing the costs down,” she said. “The F-35 is a critical program to our national security and I conveyed our continued commitment to delivering an affordable aircraft to our U.S. military and our allies.”

President-elect Trump is right in saying the program doesn’t need to cost as much as it does. Even if you remove the 50 years of inflation “guess-timates” in the program’s trillion-dollar price-tag, it is clear that a lot of the money spent on the F-35 fighter is not related to meeting the operational needs of three different military services.

For instance, according to Forbes magazine, 20-30% of the price for each fighter results from having to comply with government regulations that don’t exist in the commercial world. Needless to say, a businessman is in a good position to know what regulations need to be cut down on.

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