BREAKING: Trump Just SCREWED Illegal Immigrants With What He Did Over The Weekend — Courts Who Blocked His Ban Are PISSED

Any liberals who think they can obstruct Donald Trump on the immigration issue is delusional.

There’s going to be a wall, mass deportation of illegal immigrants, and comprehensive immigration reform. In the first step to reform the H-1B visa program, President Donald Trump has suspended expedited processing for up to six months.

According to the Young Conservatives:

The administration is saying that this will help reduce the back log of visas pending.

Advocates of the program say it brings skilled workers that the U.S. needs, but critics say there are many problems.

Proponents claim that the H-1b visa program exists to allow companies to temporarily import high-skilled workers when they can’t find American workers willing or able to do the job (yeah right), but in reality their purpose is to help the nation’s largest corporations cut labor costs by importing workers they can pay a fraction of their American counterparts.

The Daily Caller noted that “Nothing substantive has come of an investigation opened in 2015 by the Obama administration into abuses of the H-1b program, following a series of reports of companies firing American workers and forcing them to train their replacements.”

“Premium processing” of H-1B visas allowed skilled workers to pay extra to request faster approval to work in the U.S. When fast tracked, applicants could speed through the process in a mere fifteen days. Needless to say, that’s nothing compared to what other legal immigrants have to go through.

Be removing the expedited process that H-1b visa holders receive, and then re-evaluating the program, it’ll be much harder for employers to rip off their American employees.

It’s not just illegal immigrants displacing low-skilled American labor that’s a problem. A loophole in American immigration law has been allowing high-skilled immigrants to displace high-skilled American labor too.

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