Trump Just Sent ICE on Secret Raid And You Won’t Believe Who They Just Rounded Up!

The United States has long been turning a blind eye to those who are willing to break the law in order to get here. We have made it clear to the whole world that if you are smart enough to break our laws, we have some amazing prizes for you once you get here. Not only will you be given a home to live in and food to eat, we are now starting to offer free health care and education, sometimes all the way through college.

However, one of President Trump’s plans to make America great again was to evict those who got here by breaking the law, and make them wait till they are able to come back in a legal manner. Many have found fault with this, but it’s almost certain that they are the same people with a wicked case of white guilt who have been told that if they don’t want to take in every stray, they’re horrible people.

To this end, President Trump has kicked Immigration and Customs Enforcement into high gear, giving them the support they need to actually do their jobs. Last week, immigration officials announced that they have detained 367 individuals in the course of a week, all across the country.

The arrests started last Monday when ICE officials arrested 153 individuals in South Texas and on Tuesday 75 individuals were arrested in a three-day operation in North Texas. Then, on Wednesday, ICE said 82 individuals were arrested over the course of five days in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. In the New York City area, there were 31 individuals picked up in three days. And finally, on Thursday, ICE said 26 individuals were detained in Colorado and Wyoming over four days.

Via Fusion:

ICE’s Fugitive Operations division conducts raids on a daily basis, but the operations announced last week—in which multiple teams of agents go into a city simultaneously—have been rarer.

Dani Bennett, an ICE spokesperson, told Fusion that “individuals who drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs have long been considered by ICE to be a public safety threat and enforcement priority.” While that’s technically true, there’s a vast difference between what the Trump administration and its predecessor considers a “public safety threat.”

Under the Obama administration, people caught driving under the influence were considered to be a second-tier priority for deportation. Previously, more resources were dedicated to people considered tier-one priority, such as people suspected of terrorism or espionage, gang members who were convicted of crimes, and immigrants apprehended at the border while attempting to enter the U.S.

But now the Department of Homeland Security says personnel should prioritize all immigrants for deportation who have been charged with any criminal offense, including those who have been charged but have not yet been convicted of an alleged crime, according to Secretary John Kelly’s February enforcement memo.

Some experts say the shift in policy means there are now five-times more immigrants prioritized for deportation than there were under the Obama administration.

Immigrant rights advocates also say the raid operations are not simply about arresting fugitives.

Advocates with a Virginia group called La ColectiVA say the raids are part of the administration’s agenda to get immigrant communities to “live in fear of detention, of deportation and of being abducted from their communities.”

Bennett also noted these raids are part of targeted operations and that the agency does not conduct random checkpoints at traffic lights or busy public areas that target immigrants indiscriminately.

Even so, these raids still launch a wave of fear and anxiety in local immigrant communities, the consequences of which are already being felt.

The Los Angeles Police Department says they have seen a 25% drop in reports of sexual assault coming from the Latinx community in recent months.

Houston Police say the number of Latinx reporting rape decreased by nearly 43% from January to March this year, compared to the same time period last year.

A Denver city attorney told NPR four women have dropped pending domestic abuse charges out of fear they could end up being detained by ICE.

And a youth art center in LA’s Lincoln Heights neighborhood has seen a 34% drop in enrollment since last year.

Liberals flip-flopped between swearing that he wouldn’t really deport illegals and crying about what a social injustice it would be. Thankfully, somebody has decided to show the illegals, especially the criminals, that America has some bite to back up its bark.  I guess it’s all over by the crying now, since the deportation is actually happening, and America is able to rid itself of the illegal parasites that were not only committing crimes but making Americans pay for them.

(H/T: Fusion)


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