Trump Just Sent Iran BRUTAL Message Not To Mess With America With What Popped Up In The Red Sea

Trump Just Sent Iran BRUTAL Message Not To Mess With America With What Popped Up In The Red Sea

President Donald Trump is highlighting his second week as our Commander-in-Chief by demonstrating how serious he is about cutting Iran down to size. Taking care of the Iran issue has been President Trump’s main objective after Iran was responsible for a Houthi suicide attack in fast boats on a Saudi frigate that was on patrol in the Red Sea. Iran is also responsible for attacks on US vessel back in October 2016. President Trump has put all other Middle East issues on the back burners till he settles matters with Iran.

Trump personally warned the Islamic Republic that it was “playing with fire”. Iran didn’t take the Presidents words serious and backed Yemeni Houthi rebels, who began to strategically plant mines in the Red Seas at shipping checkpoints. National Security adviser Michael Flynn put out a statement on Wednesday that Iran was “om notice” for last week’s ballistic Missle test. This was seen by the President to be a fresh Iranian provocation and escalated the tension. The United States responded by releasing a fresh round of Anti-Iran sanctions, targeting 13 individuals and 12 entities. Some of the entities are based in the UAE, Lebanon, and China. Next, President Trump called in the USS Cole destroyer and had it positioned in the Red Sea, at the al-Mandeb Strait.

President Trump is fully focused on getting Iran in check and the focus is warranted. It was just last week that Ayatollah Khamenei believed that letting the Revolutionary Guards set off a missile test, send out the Houthi suicide boats, and advance pro-Iranian Shiite militias on the Mosul front in Iraq would somehow push Trump back. But Friday, President Trump put down his foot on Iran’s threats and a US-Iranian contest has begun to unfold. President Trump is not ruling out going into a full military confrontation with Iran. The US would call on its allies Saudi Arabia and Israel to beat back Iran.

The Trump administration has already had a long conversation with Saudi King Salman on Jan. 29 that widely covered Saudi’s helping the US fight Iran. The Israeli prime minister has also had almost daily discussions with the Trump administration about the same matter. All parties are ready if Tehran or its Middle East proxies, such as the Lebanese Hizballah, hit back at the Trump administration in Syria.

These serious matters with Iran are top on the Presidents agenda for now and will most likely dominate Middle East affairs in the near future.

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