Trump Just Unleashed His Badass New Secret Team That Has Liberals Wetting Their Beds!

The left is still seething with anger over President Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton. That is easily shown by the way they are depicting Trump lately. The mainstream media has peddled the lie that Trump has been in collusion with the Russians and that all he does is golf. Well, that is simply not the case, and we have the proof right here.

On Monday, Trump plans to unveil his new secret weapon that will have liberals melting. Trump has established a new “SWAT Team” and its mission is to end government bureaucracy.

The new office will be called The White House Office of American Innovation and it is to be led by Jared Kushner. The goal of this office is to help slim down the red tape currently, that is in our government. Trump is a superb businessman and realizes that new and fresh ideas need to be injected into Washington in order to see implement change.

Jared Kushner is to focus on saving money, speeding up the government, and of course, draining the swamp.

This is what Kushner had to say about the new project.

“We should have excellence in government. The government should be run like a great American company. Our hope is that we can achieve successes and efficiencies for our customers, who are the citizens.”

Here is Trump’s weekly address that shows his commitment to excellence and innovation.

According to The Washington Post. Kushner plans on tapping people such as Tesla founder and chief executive Elon Musk as well as, Apple chief executive Tim Cook to focus on technology and data.

This is exactly what Washington needs and is also the reason why the liberals are freaking out. They do not want the government to work for the people or be streamlined because that is how they keep the power. This is extremely exciting and I pray that Trump is able to implement this without too much liberal interference.

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