Look What Tiny Trump Kid Just Did To The Chinese President That Camera Caught – Haven’t Seen THAT Before

President Trump’s seems to consider his grandchildren to be every bit as much a part of the first family as his children. They can be seen at most major events looking like mini versions of their parents, along for this amazing new ride. The Trump children have, for the most part, turned out to be major overachievers in both business and education, and it looks like the grandchildren will be no different.

Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner, have 3 beautiful children who they love to keep close and bring to as many official events as possible. And who can blame them when they’ve worked so hard to bring out the talent in these kids. This was the case when the couple was invited to help welcome the Chinese President and First Lady.

Ivanka has made an effort to immerse her two older children, Anabelle (5) and Joseph (3), into the Chinese culture and teach them Mandarin. Becuase of this skill, Jared and Ivanka brought them to greet the foreign first family and bestow on them a special treat. Anabelle sang them a song in their native language to “make them feel at home.”

(Notice that President Trump and First Lady Melania look every bit the doting grandparents, unable to wipe the giant smiles off their faces.)

The Obamas have been touted as being practically perfect in every way, but this is in stark contrast to the former President’s children, whose public appearances often made them look like they’d been sucking on lemons. 

I’m sure it’s hard being a first kid, but one would think that all the perks that come along with it would warrant a little more respect for the incredible privilege they’ve been given. Nobody would expect them to actually speak Mandarin, but a little pomp and circumstance once in a while would have been nice.

Ivanka’s children aren’t even the first kids, they’re the grandkids. It’s also apparent that this isn’t just a show put on for dignitaries, Anabelle has gotten quite a bit of exposure for her language skills, and none of it had anything to do with grandad, leader of the free world.

Here’s one adorable performance of a song she sang in honor of the Chinese new year.

This is obviously a family that values education, culture and supporting one another. I hope we as Americans can appreciate that and will refuse to repeat the same mistakes we made with our former Commander in Chief.

(Source: Red State Watcher)

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