Fed-Up Trump Has Had Enough – Kim Jong-un Just Got A BLUNT Message Not To ‘F’ With America Anymore

In an unprecedented show of unity by Japan, South Korea, China, Great Britain and the United States of America are all taking part in US-led anti-pirate exercises in the Gulf of Aden.

The exercises are taking place amid the rising tensions with North Korea, led by its murderous dictator Kim “fat boy” Jong.

In a truly intimidating show of force, The USS Carter Hall, South Korean destroyer Choe Yeong, British frigate HMS Monmouth and Japanese destroyer Teruzuki, were all witnessed taking part in the drills.

Via The Daily Mail:

South Korea and America have taken part in joint military drills as cooperation between the two allies steps up amid tensions with Kim Jong-un.

The USS Carter Hall, a dock-landing vessel, and South Korean destroyer Choe Yeong were pictured on manoeuvres together in the Gulf of Aden on Friday.

They were joined by the British frigate HMS Monmouth and Japanese destroyer Teruzuki to take part in the anti-piracy drills.

While the exercises do not relate directly to North Korea, cooperation between Western and East Asian allies will be sure to draw the attention of Kim’s regime as he squares off with Donald Trump over the country’s nuclear program.

South Korean Navy Capt. Kim Kyung-ryul told reporters: ‘The latest joint exercise helped build up trust among the navies of the four countries and beef up their joint operability.’

Just 6 short months ago these 5 nations all working together would have been something out of fiction. But as we all know by now, the new American President Donald Trump isn’t the same as all the ones that came before him.

South Korea, Japan, and Great Britain helping us are no big deal since they have been our allies as far as most can remember these days. But to have China, who was once defending North Korea is a huge step towards having real and lasting peace.

Many must be asking how President Trump was able to get China to actually help and become an ally.  And not to mention how they shunned North Korea, to the point where they actually sent back a whole shipment of coal.  Easy, as President Ronald Reagan coined it, “Peace Through Strength.” In China’s case, that strength is economic.

The only reason China is the superpower it is is because America buys the goods they produce, which these days are most of what we have available to us to purchase. If the US would slap tariffs on the good things wouldn’t go so well for China and if we would decide to stop buying what they are selling all together it’s estimated the China economy would collapse within a week.

Talk about a fragile dependency on China’s part.

President Trump, as the savvy businessman that he is, exploited this fact well.

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