This Is What Trump Land Looks Like… You’ll LAUGH When You See Hillary’s Islands

These maps illustrate just how much of America is behind Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton. It is ridiculous when you view it this way. Most of the country overwhelmingly went for Trump, while packed little populated islands of Marxism went for Hillary Clinton. It’s striking.

Notice there are a few isolated Hillary hot spots within the US, but very few. Most of the Clinton Archipelago is on the coasts of the country. That’s where Progressives tend to next and congregate. You know what it reminds me of? A cancerous infection. Not everywhere, but just in enough places to almost be lethal. Getting rid of those growths is going to be tough work.

From Red State Watcher:





What is it about the East and West coasts? I guess those are the places where our biggest cities are. They are certainly hotbeds for liberals to amass and grow in. This right here is why we have the Electoral College. If we didn’t, Hillary’s Islands would rule over this country and most of us would have no say at all in our government. This is why the left wants to do away with the Electoral College.

It’s amazing to me how a minority can be so vociferous and outrageous that they can manage to rule over the majority. When you look at these maps, it becomes clear that the vast majority of Americans support Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton has a minority that bullies the rest of the country. Here’s to hoping that President-elect Trump does something about that. Putting Hillary Clinton on a desert island would be a good start. One surrounded by sharks.

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