Trump Stuns With First Place He Went After Landing In D.C. That Nobody Was Expecting After Obama

Our 45th President and Vice President, Donald Trump and Mike Pence, made a solemn tribute to our fallen soldiers and honored the sacrifices people made fighting for our freedom.

If there’s one thing we love, it’s our American troops. The most badass people in the country who sacrifice their life to ensure we can live ours.

With much humility, honor, and dignity, the new leaders of the free world graced The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and paid their respects.

It is with great honor that we witness the 45th teammates of the White House visit this tomb, to ensure us that they respect our military to the highest degree.

We need leaders who value our troops as humans, not just expendable robots we can send anywhere on the planet and call it a day if they don’t return. Our soldiers have family, friends, and loved ones.

It’s very refreshing to watch a President and Vice President humbly visit and honor a fallen troop.

RightWingNews reports – It is a humbling time for our country. As the inauguration has approached, my thoughts have turned to the sacrifices made by those in our country. We live in a country with unparalleled rights and opportunity. When people on the left get angry because whites have “privilege,” I get a little annoyed. Do whites have privilege?? Absolutely! So do all Americans! You can share your opinions without being scared that you will be killed, tortured, taken without trial or verdict. You have a platform, social media, that many countries have outlawed. You are not silenced. You have every opportunity.

And those freedoms are a result of other sacrifices. It is a time to remember those sacrifices. And that is exactly what Donald Trump and Mike Pence did today. They presented the tomb of the unknown soldier with a wreath. They stood solemnly and paid tribute to the sacrifices that have preceded them.


Even if you didn’t vote for Donald Trump, you have to still respect that millions of others did. Enough people voted to grant him the Presidency for the next four to eight years. It is to everyone’s benefit to support the president and hope for his success in running our country.

People who wish him to fail, people who protest, people who cry and say “not my President” – you are the problem.

Trump’s speech spoke of unity, so it’s time to put your personal problems away, adult pants on, and ride the Trump Train to the town of success.

The train is rolling and there’s no stopping it.

You can get on the train and succeed with us, or step in front of the train and let it roll over your useless soul. Whatever you do, get out of America’s way.

We’re here to succeed and be winners.

There’s no crying in America anymore. Participation awards don’t breed winners, they create people who can’t cope with loss and don’t learn to improve.

Time to throw those away and step up our game.

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