Trump FURIOUS At What He Caught Sick Lester Holt Do In First 3 Mins Of Interview – Immediately Makes Him Regret It

Lester Holt and his eerily deep voice hosted President Donald Trump for an interview that seems like Holt is an FBI agent interrogating the POTUS.

This is the video that allows us to see the lack of respect that Holt has for the President and also confirms that Trump was going to fire Comey anyway. This permits viewers to release the notion that he was fired for investigating Trump’s collusion with Russia. This video also shows Trump putting a stake in Lester Holt’s entire interview, which was more like a rude interruption and questioning every time Trump tried speaking. How rude!

Via Brietbart:

In one instance, Holt asked Trump about his May 9 letter ousting F.B.I Director James Comey in which Trump wrote, “I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation.”

Holt asked Trump, “Why did you put that in there?”

Trump replied, “Because he told me that. I mean, he told me…”

And there we have it folks. Three times Trump was told by Comey that he was NOT under investigation. However, as shady as politics are, was that a misdirection? Was that a lie? Was Trump really being investigated by Comey? We won’t know for sure until some evidence leaks from either side of the possible investigatory party.

Holt asked a question that had an obvious answer. I don’t know what the point of that question was other than to make it clear that Trump was stating that he wasn’t under investigation and that Comey apparently told him for the third time.

Before Trump could finish his sentence, Holt interrupted, asking, “He told you you weren’t under investigation regarding the Russian investigation?”

“Yeah, and I’ve heard that from others. I think…” Trump began to respond before Holt interrupted again.

Can we let the President of the United States of America finish a sentence? Is it that hard for Holt to permit the leader of the free world to get at least one complete sentence in without jumping into another question? It’s as though he’s doing this on purpose to show power over the conversation or maybe Lester Holt is just a disrespectful interviewer.

“Was it in a phone call? Did you meet face-to-face?” Holt interjected, speaking over Trump.

“I had a dinner with him. He wanted to have dinner because he wanted to stay on. We had a very nice dinner at the White House…”

This comment makes it seem as though Comey knew he was being fired, but didn’t know when. It’s like the firing was in the works and Comey didn’t want to step down, so he took the firing instead. Amidst the rude interjections, we have some actual information that begins painting a more complete picture of what really happened. Even though we won’t ever know for sure what was really said behind closed doors, this is at least something the public can utilize for their own analysis.

Holt spoke over Trump again, interrupting this time by asking, “He, he asked for the dinner?”

“A dinner was arranged. I think he asked for a dinner.”

I’m beginning to see a pattern here. Lester Holt interrupts when there’s an answer that doesn’t exactly fit the leftist narrative or agenda. This all favors President Trump and I wonder if Holt absolutely despises that he’s basically proving Trump right on his own interview. Holt may not like the answers he’s getting. Is this a purposeful interjection (all of them) to get Trump talking about something else or catch him off guard to have him slip up?

Holt interrupted Trump again when Trump was explaining he knew that he wasn’t under investigation both from Comey three times and from a “committee level.”

“So that didn’t come directly from him?” Holt cut in and asked before Trump could finish his explanation about the times he says he heard from Comey that he wasn’t under investigation.

We gather several things from Holt’s interrogation of President Trump. Firstly, Holt is an interjection machine. He’s absolutely rude and makes for an awful interview. His deep voice and weird face can only carry him so far. Second, Trump states that Comey said Trump wasn’t under investigations. What we need to take from that is that no one ever said what was being investigated. People are slick with words. No one seems to be specific here. We cannot fill in the blanks and assume one thing, then have it be leaked/released and turn out to be something completely different. Lastly, it appears as though, from information strictly in this brief video, that Comey may have known about his firing. But again, we can’t be sure and we really should await the final details. What does Trump mean when he says that Comey wants to stay on? Stay on what?

We need more facts.

Will we ever get them?

Will Lester Holt stop interrupting people when they speak?

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