Trump Slammed By Sick Libs For Skipping Out On MLK Day, But What He Did Instead Was BETTER!

Monday was Martin Luther King Day, meant to honor the civil rights icon. Donald Trump originally was planning to visit the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture but canceled — a move that had many liberals shrieking in outrage. But he did something even better instead. He didn’t go to visit a museum; he met with Martin Luther King, Jr.’s son.

Trump spent Monday visiting with Martin Luther King III, in a conversation that reportedly focused on civil rights and furthering the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., with King saying that the conversation was very constructive. “The goal is to bring America together and Americans. We are a great nation but we must become a greater nation,” he said. “And what my father represented, my mother represented through her life, what I hope that I am trying to do is always bring people together.” Watch.

He also spoke about the economy and how his father would react to Trump’s plans for the future. “I think my father would be very concerned about that fact that we have 50 to 60 million people living in poverty, and somehow we’ve got to create the climate for all boats to be lifted,” he explained. “It’s insanity that we have poor people in this nation. That’s unacceptable.”

Trump also released a message on Twitter, urging Americans to honor King and what he fought for.

But of course, liberals still are trying to claim that the Trump administration is racist. At the forefront of these claims is Congressman John Lewis, a civil rights leader who now represents the city of Atlanta. Lewis is refusing to attend Trump’s inauguration because he says that Trump is “not a legitimate president”. Other people chimed in with the claim that Trump should have visited the museum because it would give him a “chance for much-needed goodwill after his feud with a civil rights leader”.

It sounds like ultimately, though, Trump made the right choice.

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