Trump Makes a Promise To Hillary That Will Ruin Her Life If Trump is Elected President! (VIDEO)

The presidential debate last night in the form of a town hall has been the most controversial and widely spoken about ones yet. It has also been noted as one of the nastier and more vicious ones yet. Donald Trump was especially noted for his hearty one liners that left many in the audience gasping and at times laughing.

His worst insult and threat of the night was one that involves law enforcement. Watch below,

It is pretty clear. Donald Trump threatened that should he be elected President that he would instruct the Attorney General under his authority to investigate her for her use of a private email server. He accused her of many lies and much deception. Throughout his threat she seemingly laughed and slyly smirked throughout. Many of his more outrageous comments that had people clapping and gasping were points where Hillary Clinton just laughed at him, smirked at him, or interrupted him. But her standard line of defense was to just call him a liar and then ignore all the facts that had been presented to her.

But people from all across both sides of the aisle are none to pleased with what he said. Many are saying that what he threatened is in fact illegal and that it is more like something Vladimir Putin would do. Others pointed out that what he said, appointing a special prosecutor is in fact not under his authority and criminal.

Some are saying that what he is advocating for is jailing his political opponents. Which is something autocratic regimes do. Countries that are our enemies us as North Korea, Iran and Russia.

What is your opinion? Is what Donald Trump threatened illegal and undemocratic? Or is it perfectly legal? Or perhaps do you not even care since she has broken so many laws and gotten away with it before that you would take her doing prison time over anything?

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