Trump Makes Incredible Move to Help Cops Holding Back Protesters at His Hotel

Over a week after demolishing Hillary Clinton in the Presidential election, the mass protests nationwide continue.

“Do none of these people have jobs?” is a question most reasonable people would ask, but the answer isn’t what you’d think. They do have jobs – and that job is as a professional protestor.

Here’s a Craigslist ad the Gateway Pundit found, where the Soros funded organization in Seattle called “Washington CAN!” offering to pay $15 an hour for Trump protestors.



Well, at least Soros is willing to be his money where his mouth is when it comes to supporting a $15 minimum wage, but that’s not necessarily that impressive for a multi-billionaire.

Further fueling the story that most anti-Trump protestors are paid agitators, over half of the protestors arrested in Portland didn’t even vote! Who the heck gets angry over the results of an election they didn’t even vote in?

As we all know, Trump was the pro-law enforcement candidate, certainly compared to Hillary Clinton, who pandered to anti-cop groups like Black Lives Matter.

As the Conservative Tribune reported, President-elect Donald Trump decided to do something good while protesters took to the streets in Chicago outside the Trump Hotel and created mayhem for residents.

He fed the police. According to a tweet by a Twitter user and police officer at @ChiTownCheese known only as Darren, Trump provided officers protecting the hotel with sandwiches and a safe place to eat while they worked to keep streets safe.

Trump hasn’t even made it to the White House, and he’s showing the police more respect than President Barack Obama has shown them in eight years.

This effort represents the true nature of Trump and his willingness to remember those Americans who have been forgotten by the Obama administration.

Of all people, police officers deserve our respect, not our condemnation. Feeding the offers is a small gesture, but it is one that far outshines what Obama did while protests were breaking out across the country — nothing, unless you consider golfing actually doing something.

Liberal mayors across the country are actively encouraging these protests to continue, and many have even formed a pact to keep their cities sanctuary cities.

If that’s not blatant disrespect for law and order, I don’t know what is. Republicans have taken back the Presidency, the House, the Senate, and the majority of State Governorships. It looks like replacing the crooked mayors is next.

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