When Trump Stepped Off Marine One, Cameras INSTANTLY Caught INCREDIBLE Moment That Will Melt Your Heart

Donald Trump has been put through the ringer by the mainstream liberal media. There are a plethora of colorful names used to depict and describe the Commander in Chief. Even his family, who seem to be his shining gold star, are up for discussion by reporters and pundits alike. But sometimes some things are just too cute to try and use against him.

The President was recently videoed and photographed walking across the lawn of the White House holding the hands of his two grandchildren by his daughter Ivanka Trump. His two grandchildren are Arabella Kushner and Joseph Kushner who Ivanka has with her husband Jared Kushner.

The First Family was headed to Florida for the weekend where the President was preparing to visit Saint Andrew’s Catholic School located in Orlando, Florida. There he will took part in a listening session on school choice. After that, he headed to West Palm Beach to take part in a Republican National Committee fundraiser.

It will be his first as President since he was inaugurated. They used Marine One to take a short flight to Andrews Air Force Base where their plane was located and ready for departure this past Friday.

The purpose of the trip was political. Newly sworn in Education Secretary Betsy DeVos joined him for the educational trip. DeVos is a well-known advocate and proponent of charter schools. The President used the opportunity to praise St. Andrew’s an amazing school for disadvantaged children while also pointing out his agenda is focused on school choice.

Considering he has young grandchildren the same age as many students this is surely an issue that hits close to home for him. The video of him with his young grandkids is a potent reminder that he is a human being with people he loves and who love him.

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